Monday Motivation ~ chapter, Layman’s Handbook.


Liveable OR Lovable ? (chapter, Layman’s Handbook)

Livable or Lovable
When we were young, well some of us at least, lol. We had to do some chores for our parents. Wash dishes or vacuum a room or bring out some of the garbage. Chores they were called and we did them sometimes grudgingly and other times we were over enthusiastic, maybe even making a mess, this could have been a strategy in trying to keep our parents from asking us to do such a chore again ha~ha.It has been good preparation though for doing things we do not like and sometimes learning that if we just do not complain we can actually enjoy them.There are times in our careers or jobs, a boss may give us a task to do that we hate and we have a choice to either do it happily or do it sourly. I am not saying we are going to enjoy everything we have to do but there are always options for what we do and more so how we do them. 

You will take note I have brought up the concept of choice again as that is what it really is. We can choose to enjoy everything we are asked to do or we can choose to hate it. We always have a choice.
From growing up and learning about chores I obtained a hard work type ethic that was very simple. Get stuck in and then it will be over soon and no big deal. Get on with it, no matter how I felt about something, when it is something I must do, the only way to be rid of the feeling of disgust or unhappy was to tackle the task at hand and get to the finish as efficiently and promptly as possible.

So what is with the live~able & the love~able? Well, some things we can approach with an attitude of “I could live with that” and others we approach with an attitude of “oh I love that”.
So what makes the difference? How do we go from an attitude of I can tolerate something to a point of an attitude of I love that?


There are many times it is totally associated with how we feel about something. Our feelings become bright and happy and joyous in any particular chore or aspect of our life, from hanging out with certain friends to working our job on certain days or certain tasks that we might actually like. We love all the ones that we feel good about or in.
It is interesting to think back or take notice of what you do on a day to day basis that you feel good about and the stuff you feel just plain old sucks. When we begin to notice things that we always have said “makes us feel bad” we can then begin to dig in to “the why?”.
There are many times it is our own outlook or attitude that actually sucks and not the person or the tasks we are involved with. Our own approach can make all the difference, we can tell ourselves that we will have fun doing something and then as if by magic it will be fun.
If every person were to go through life just doing things that were to a standard of “ah screw it, it will do, I can live with that” then yes indeed life would become very grey all around us.

Life is not grey though and quite the opposite, life is full of colour and vibrants, the word vibrant even, what does it bring to mind? If I say the word VIBRANT what is it that comes to mind?
Colours perhaps or an idea of life? For me it makes an image of a happy person in my mind. Somebody who is vibrant, the person who is high on life, they might not be the most colourful though.
Does it mean we must have an over powered passion for everything we come across in life? Not really, it would be nice to consider now that any tasks be it work or a chore at home, it is good to consider how if it is something we are doing then perhaps we should do it well as it will always carry our mark on it. Our own finger prints so to speak, the chore we hate performing will be something that is associated to us personally. Should we do it to a standard of acceptable and “we can live with it” or can we do it to a standard of “oh I love it”.
For these reasons it is our choice to decide how we want to approach these tasks, it is our choice how those who view our work will either feel the livable nature in which we did it or the lovable nature.
No, we are not doing this for the other people in life to comment or to be satisfied with, we are doing these things so that we will be happy with them. Any job or chore or task of any kind is not about the actually thing we must do, it is about us and how we do em and how we feel. These are the powers that we possess, we can change a whole day into a great day just by how we approach something and with what attitude is it that we go about our work.

We can do a days work and feel horrible about it all and our only good pieces were lunch time and going home time. We perk up and feel good when we eat because satisfying our hunger is a nice feeling to have. When we are down in the dumps about our job or in our office, we can just become ecstatic when it comes to the end of a day because this is the time we leave and go to be where we are more comfortable. So what if I told you it was possible to be happy all of the time, either at home in your comfort area and at work. It is possible to enjoy the chores and the tasks at work.
Oh yes this is very possible.


Having an understanding why it is we do a chore or why it is that we go to work, what are these things for? I cannot know your job description so I cannot speak to the specifics of it nor do I know which chores you love and which chores do you hate. What I do know though is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the job or the chores, it all has to do with what you choose to say to yourself. Your approach to any situation is about how you decide to approach it.
Doing a good job is secondary to the actually doing of the job. It is a good thing to tell yourself; you will do a good job and achieve this little item as the satisfaction attached can spark off some good feelings inside. Just to complete it can help us become happy. Completing something well, this brings a new type of satisfaction, similar to how we satisfied our hunger with our lunch but not exactly the same. It is in how we choose to be about the task, we possess the ability to like things and not like things.

We have been figuring these out since we were a toddler. So you might say right now, “hold on a minute I know what I like and don’t like, that’s simple” I say back, have you tried the things you do not like with a different attitude?



Here is a possible way to approach, I have never been mad about doing this every week how and ever I am going to begin to like doing it, even if it sucks.
How about, I like to enjoy my day and so anything that comes my way will all be part of me and my world so it will be a nice day, I like nice.
Imagine a few simple words to ourselves can change how we approach something and it can change how we feel about it and change the outcome of our own day. Just a few simple words to ourselves.
That’s magic.

Please do not take my word for it, please I ask of you to try it. Begin each day on such a positive note that even when we walk right into anything we can achieve it, we can master it and we can enjoy it. These would be the differences between choosing to have a nice day and choosing not to. All within our own power


This leaves me to ask of you one more simple thing to consider. How do you see yourself?
Are you the master piece that you have been working on and are you the beautiful person you have always been? Then it is your duty to yourself to not allow negative thoughts to crowd your mind and dull your emotion. It is like as if you are worthy of so much more than you allow yourself. You deserve to be happy and making yourself happy depends on whether you think you are a person who is just liveable or are you lovable?



When you find that a day is getting away from you and you are losing your focus to where it is all turning nasty and your feelings are turning sour, it is then at that point in your day, sneak off privately for like two minutes and refocus your mind. Do the breathing exercises and start over. Begin again and regain the passion for life.
Allow the feelings to pass through and reground yourself in your day. There is nothing that can change your day or make your day “shit” other than the attitude you carry with you. If you find yourself having a worse type of day, focus and regroup your thoughts and your emotions all over again.    IMG_20190903_165732


This is totally the difference between

        “nah, I could live with it”
                “yay, I love it”
All within our own powers of how and what we choose.
I like to choose to enjoy my day, do you?
IMG_20190215_014356   @TWOsonsTOOmany

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    1. I tried to comment on your post on emigration/immigration, because i found it very insightful, but it didn’t let me comment. So, thank you again.


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