Tuesday Thought ~ Virus Changes

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Tuesday Thoughts ~ virus changes

The material to write about is endless. Who would have ever thought such a pandemic would have ever occurred?
Even in The White House they cannot agree. Trump says made in a lab, the head of the task force “Anthony” says not possible.
They seem to be having trouble getting their story straight.
Another alarming factor is the advice about protective wear. In the beginning we (the people) were alerted that face masks were only necessary for the people who were infected, this was an effort to prevent infected people from spreading it further.Now however it appears that face masks are becoming a compulsory part of reopening in many countries.
Another fault of who?
Definitely another situation where the story appears to be too complicated for the “experts” to get it right.In Ireland our health advisory is that we are being advised not to wear gloves and to maintain and continue with washing hands as a more productive method.
Ah yes, it is possible people will be lulled in to a false sense of immunity by wearing gloves only. I would like to think, wear the gloves, dispose of them properly and wash your hands. Perhaps this would be a better piece of advice.
Oh by the way, just to clarify, I have no medical background, training or any schooling whatsoever.
I am just like you, a person who is thinking for themselves due to the severe lack of guidance, understanding or expert advice from any of the governments, and that goes for globally.


* Wear your masks, this is a for sure, for sure!A New Design - Made with PosterMyWall (16)


* Wear gloves when in the shops or anywhere
public. Dispose of them immediately after use and
wash your hands.


* Stay at home just a little bit longer. Stick with the
idea of essential movement out in the public arena.


How can any of us actually know what is going on. The medicines or “vaccines” appear to be a global effort from the drug companies. Yet no sign of a cheap and easy solution.

Can drug companies be expected to operate at a loss?
No, absolutely not.

Can drug companies use some of their life time year over year profits to make an exception this one time?
I would expect so.

Some “iresdev” thing or another at $1000 a dose. This would seem a little excessive, wouldn’t it?


What have we learned from the pandemic crisis?

I would like to say there are many areas of our societies that have shown great strength. The composure and how it has been dealt with publicly shows to me that when one sector or another receives a serious call of duty, they have responded. This would go for all of the front line workers. ALL of Them.
Just look at what can be achieved.
It has been amazing to see the response to the pandemic and to see how people can actually step up and over perform. For this, as a member of the general public, I express thanks.


The beauty will be in the post lock down, post pandemic.
Can we keep this great effort going and allow such fine efforts to become the new normal.
The bar has been raised by this pandemic. Though many lives have been lost and much financial hurt and burdens are yet to come. The idea of how our society can operate so well is a new level of normal that may have slipped out of view for many.
This new normal is not all about the way in which we social distance or how we will attend a football game.

The new normal is about how we have all stopped and paused for a moment each day to feel for those who have been lost.
The new normal can be the over performance of so many industries who have all shown great resilience and enhanced performance. This can be our new normal. A society that works together.
These CHANGES are real.
The virus many have opened the eyes of many to their absolute full potential. These are welcome changes within all societies of the individual countries, so horribly disturbed by the pandemic.


Although much of the focus has turned to the elderly and the hursing homes of the world. The vulnerable communities of the world. It is also a very key time in the lives of the children. Perhaps we have hit the reset button on the entire medical systems. Now can we see a vocation type, aspirations of the youth to enter into areas of the medical profession as they are now witnessing how valuable they are?
Not for money only. For the admirable position of what it means to be a doctor or a nurse. What it means to be working in a drug research laboratory.
The children are experiencing a whole new normal also. The elderly are longing for or remembering a world that they once lived in. The youth are entering a new world of many “new normals”, a world none of us have any clue of how it is going to be.
Let us focus on the youth in every thought as we go forward into the post pandemic world.


“Change is as good as a rest”
Change is here, more change is coming and change can be embraced by us all. We, the entire world, have never learned anything without change. It is the enevitable of all being on our planet.


Our choices are quite simply.

* Embrace the change.


* Resist the change.


Where do you see yourself with the idea of change?

For all the people that have lost their lives to Covid-19 (the corona virus). We will remember you. We will spare a thought for you and your families. We all wish we could have known what to do and how to do it, to save your lives.


To finish,
I saw a post on the Internet that read,

~~~                        “The pandemic is not over, the easing of
restrictions only means, there is now more
space in the ICU units to deal with you”


A quote from a movie, (The Rock) Nicolas Cage to Sean Connery,

~~~                        “The minute you disrespect this stuff, it will kill




Embrace the changes & continue to STAY SAFE.

IMG_20190215_014356      @TWOsonsTOOmany

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