Thursday Thoughts ~ cause for concern ~ corona?

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Thursday Thoughts ~ Is this cause for concern ~ Covid?

The virus pandemic has become the game changer of the world.
Doctors and all kinds of medical teams are searching for answers.
Perhaps the rush to the ventilators was a mistake, then again who really knew anything?
A serious virus, this is something that is for certain.I have listened to news coverage from time to time, less and less as the weeks have gone on. It seemed like all the information I could find in the first couple of weeks never got any more detailed or better. Maybe because the virus was spreading from country to country, the information was merely the same just on time delay as each nation got hammered.

I was paying close attention in the first couple of weeks for the simple reason of how I could not believe what I was seeing or hearing.

Here is the thought or thoughts that have occurred and perhaps may be a “cause for concern”.
There are many aspects that I am unsure about in bringing this concept about and I ask for your input if you should have any.
I will get to the the question raising within the post.

In the beginning it seemed clear that the ground zero of the virus was a live foods market in wuhan China. There is some controversy surrounding this as the doctor who was studying the virus and the effects of transfer to humans, seemed to go missing or something along those lines. She was called patient zero. She worked in a lab in wuhan China and her studies were directly about the mutations and the effect of spread to humans of the Covid 19 virus. It has some other name before it got widely known as covid~19. Something with a covid~sars~2 or something or other. Not really important the scientific correct title, not for this thought for the day at least.

The patient zero lady believed to have gone missing in China in the early days was apparently testing dna from snakes and bats and somehow was checking to see what would be the effects if transferred to a human and how it could be stopped. What would be the potential for the spread within the human population.
I never kept up with her story as she was said to be missing and then she was said to have been found and then nobody could find any proper information on where she is. Perhaps died from it and it was hidden from the news. Who really knows about the truth of how this deadly virus came about.?

There have been other reports I read and some that I saw from the Internet that all seemed to share a few factors that appear to be genuine. This sars covid 2 or whatever it is called seems to be something that is found in some form of bat dna. Something to do with bats actually carry a ton of different virus type things in their systems.
Makes one wonder that if we never mess around with bats, we have nothing to fear. The moon landing may very well have occurred in a basement in Hollywood somewhere and back around the same era the TV and movie land was laying things out very clear for us.
Vincent price being the famous name that was silver screen advice of the time to be sure and tell us in the nicest way “Don’t mess with BATS”. Dracula movies and the likes. Anybody who watched Dracula films had a pretty clear understanding that bats were to be left alone. Perhaps censorship of such films in China meant they were never shown over there. They messed with bats and the world is now in a serious situation because of it.

The cause for concern though, yes this is the real point of this post for your Thursday Thoughts today.
I have been told before somewhere along my travels and I have no real idea if it is true or not. What I am certain of is that there are many different kinds of bats and that some only eat fruit and others like insects and some like the odd rodent or two. These fellas are the Dracula type blood sucker lads.

I have been told that because they have a tenancy to try and sink their teeth into some meaty animals and they do like to have a bit of blood, I have been told that a bat could possibly in the dark of night take a little taste out of a horse or a cow in the middle of the night by landing on their backs and having a little feast.
The bat’s are tiny so the feast would be probably be nothing bigger than the size of your little finger nail, perhaps.

My question is two fold really. And the thoughts that have raised my eyebrows are these,

1. Can a bat, take a bite from a cow and bring
corona virus into the beef industry and the meat
that we eat for human consumption?

2. Can bats that didn’t carry the virus because they
live all the way over in another part of the world.
Can they pick up the virus due to how it has spread around the whole world and then become stronger carriers inside of themselves?

These are genuine questions that pop up and deserve some sort of answer. I know we need vaccines and we need to stop people from going to their death too early in life. This I do understand. It does not say much for the future if we do not know if bats can catch it and nurture it and then we can catch it again and again because it is more widely spread in the animal kingdom. More so than it was before, as we have seen how humans have spread this thing across the entire world in a matter of a couple of weeks back in late January early February.

Can our beef industry become plagued with this?
Can anyone shed some light on this?

Please feel absolutely free to comment and of course share the post so that a scientist might bring about an answer.
It would be good to have an expert do some explaining of what and how the bats live with this thing.

Of course another strange part of the vaccine route is how come the bats have not been harvested to find the cure? They live with it no problem. What do they have that we the humans cannot harvest or develop?
There is an industry that gathers bat droppings to make coffee. Is there not something in the bat world to help develop an easy route to vaccine medicine?

Anyway, I really hope you can share these questions so that an expert or two could chime in and let us know.
Thought for the day, Thursday amid the pandemic.

Will we all become vegetarians, perhaps?


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