Friday Feeling ~ Motivation during pandemic

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Friday Feeling ~ Motivation during pandemic

Staying motivated in our lives can be a difficult thing to do, even on the best of our days.

Motivation can come from a whole bunch of sources.
Often times we can be moved by something we see from our fellow human being and we can be moved so much that we find another level inside of ourselves.


The current status during the #pandemic may perhaps leave some people a little stuck, with no actual motivation doing anything for us.

The motivational aspects that exist on the internet are all still there by way of motivational videos or posts around the web.
The effect may actually be that we are all highly charged with positives and there are less outlets to allow for these upbeat feelings and motivations to be used up, released so to speak.

We may find ourselves in a “Ready Steady STOP” situation.
This can add to a little restlessness , find it hard to sleep perhaps? Possibly even a scattered sleep pattern.

The best thing to know is that, many people are also in the same situation.
The world will return to become a place where you can use up all your motivations.
Do not despair.
The day will come again

Take the slower approach and stay healthy. Relax as much as you can.
Once upon a time, like only 3 months ago we used up positives and motivational content on an hour to hour basis. This helped us get through our day and we may have never even noticed.
We now have no outlet for all that we were used to consuming. Lock down has these effects on many people. Stay sane by knowing you are not the only one.

Keep in mind,
Ready, Steady STOP!

And that is totally okay too. Use the time this weekend to kick back and relax.
Learn some breathing techniques and chill.

Be good to yourself and have a great day.A New Design - Made with PosterMyWall (18)WEEKENDreading

You can also check out “Layman’s Handbook” by Aidan Mc Nally
You will find some basic pointers and a very simple introduction to our breathing and relaxing ourselves.

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