Wednesday Wisdom ~ How much are you worth?

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Wednesday Wisdom ~ How much are you worth?

Happy Wednesday to you.
Congratulations on making it to another hump day right slap bang in the middle of “lockdown”. Did ya even notice that it is Wednesday again?

Time and how we use it. What do we use it for? Do we value our time?
Perhaps a better question, do we have a value on our time?
For many years to date, many of us have worked in some sort of situation where we received payment because of the hours we devoted to whatever the tasks may be that we call work.

How much are you worth?

This is a good question and some of you know immediately how much your pay packet or wages are worth. How much per hour that you receive. Sometimes it can be based on our profession. Like a firefighter will be a good union paying job while a dentist is a super high bracket per hour of work perhaps. A checkout clerk at the grocery store would have perhaps a lesser amount per hour in their wages.

Different levels in society, different value on their hours work. Different financial levels in life. These could determine, type of house, type of car type of schooling for the children and type of nutrition even.

For Wednesday wisdom. I wanted to share with you a concept.

You are worth as much as you wish to place upon yourself.
The job you do is something you do to pay bills. The amount of value on each of the hours of your work per day are a set figures for wages and nothing more.

You are worth your weight in gold.
You are worth a priceless figure.
I do not even know you, what I do know is that by being human, reading this. This places you in a very high price bracket.

Try it out.
Say the words to yourself today.

               I am priceless.

I am worth so much more than I even thought myself.
My value is not about how much an hour or per quarter.
My value is how I feel, how I think, how I love and how I believe in myself and my fellow humans.

The wisdom is,
Never lose sight of this.

You can thank me later.
Enjoy your Wednesday.

IMG_20190215_014356   @TWOsonsTOOmany

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