The shamrock never drowned ~ thanks corona.


Here we are, star date October 18th 2020. So much going on around the world. Brexit looming with a “no deal”, Trump & Biden will square off in a couple of weeks and corona is still kicking countries asses.
What on earth is really going on?

Nope this is not a conspiracy theory post.
A genuine question really, like seriously. What in holy creation is going on?

A clown in England with a bad hair do says they will change the script again on brexit. Are they angling for a war or something? Or just encouraging every person on the planet to follow along and say “nah we are not paying”.

I believe the englishman or woman perhaps can follow suit and tell all the institutions they have been in contract with for loans etc and business, “yeah, not a good deal for me at this time. I think I will just walk away”.

What about the United States? A presidential election where the outcome will be an older person a pensioner will walk away with the white House office on November 3rd. No matter who wins they will be an old aged pensioner. Pity there is no candidate who is young and has their finger on the pulse.
A real pity that it will be a president who is in the “vulnerable” category these days.

Ah yes the corona. Nope, not the Mexican cerveza, the disease, “the virus”.
What is any nation supposed to be doing with this corona virus?
Here in Ireland the deal on the table is to lock the country down into severe lockdown status again and request of everyone to stay home and stay away from each other.
It is an idea revisited from back in March of this year where it went on for months.
Track record says “it didn’t work”.
Why try it again? At some point in time we are supposed to be learning as we go. The lockdown again is a reversal and a step backwards. How and ever how can a government do their job and look out for the safety of the citizens, when the citizens will not take on the advisory and look out for themselves?
It really seems the harsher the lockdown the more the people want to be out and about.

Let us for a moment pause on an idea of old Irish type stuff,


Some times I think the Irish invented the stuff back some 4 or 5 thousand years ago. Yeah imagine, there were people in Ireland back then too.
The superstition that I see as fitting during these times is the terrible mistake taken by the government officials back in the lockdown times of 2020. The shamrock did not get a chance to be drowned.
What is the drowning of the shamrock?

On St Patrick’s day, which is March 17th every year. People in Ireland wear shamrock on their collars. They would traditionally head off to church and have their shamrock blessed with holy water at church, all in honour of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.

The blessing of the shamrock and the dowsing it in holy water was or is kind of known as getting it wet. With holy water of course and then people go about their normal business on a Sunday type feeling day of the religious holiday in Ireland.
Being a day off for everybody, no matter what day of the week March 17th falls upon each year.
Ahh yes, the superstition though?

Also on March 17th and because it is a national holiday in the country, it is a day where many people of the nation would take to the public houses. What are these you ask? Pubs.
The pub is where the real wetting of the shamrock occurs. Irish people as a nation go out and spend all day drinking and celebrating this national holiday by getting completely “shit faced” drunk.
What for and all that? I really have no idea as I am a non drinker for the most part of my life.

How and ever it is the time when the shamrock gets well and truly drowned.
People would ask “oh how was St Patrick’s day for you? Did you wet the shamrock?” A reply quite often would be “wet it? We drowned it”.

The superstition.
The pubs and places where alcohol could be served were under lockdown and closures and St Patrick’s day parades were cancelled.

Since then the Irish people have not been able to see off their loved ones with proper funerals and weddings and all and any celebrations have been to a minimum number of attendees and the good old Irish session is slowly becoming something of times gone by.
The pubs remain closed and lockdown is about to come back at it’s most severe.
The mistake has been to not allow the shamrock be drowned in true traditional fashion. Here lies the superstitious curse.

To combat the corona virus and the lockdown/face mask issues. OPEN UP SOCIETY.
Request all the people of the country to do their piece by continuing the social distancing and the sanitising etc.
Allow society to return to somewhat normal and let the nation get plastered drunk. The shamrock has been deserving of it and the drowning must take place. Superstition along with traditional rituals call for it.
Drunk people and pubs and bars will not increase the rate of infection any more than it is already occurring.
To justify the lockdown recommendations, the health authority is digging into older archives of deaths and using inflated figures to make a more gloomier picture of the whole mess.

Our government need some backbone and be honest that the lockdown and every step of how the pandemic has been handled has been a mess.
Our government suck right now.
It does not rattle me to say this as I feel it to be quite true.
We all have our opinions.

In short.
Hold the English accountable for the brexit mess.
Pray that whoever gets elected in the United States will inspire a new young blood candidate to get motivated and become a great president for 2024.
Here in Ireland, let the people have their pubs back.
The people of Ireland have a deserving need to drown the shamrock. The year cannot end without proper shamrock drowning ceremonies.

Mike drop, I’m out.

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