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An abundance of “Gobshitery”

Some of how we all know it all. Who then is the gobshite?

Laugh or joke? ~ seriously… IRELAND

What would be the next step? Some damage is very difficult to undo. Weekend read. Weekend thoughts

Quick (short) piece 😂 ~ advert

As many reasons there are to write, there are to read.

Enjoy your weekend vibes
checkout some of your must-reads

The shamrock never drowned ~ thanks corona.

Here we are, star date October 18th 2020. So much going on around the world. Brexit looming with a “no deal”, Trump & Biden will square off in a couple of weeks and corona is still kicking countries asses.What on earth is really going on? Nope this is not a conspiracy theory post.A genuine question

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Pride, who isn’t proud?

June comes to an end, pride parades are cancelled. Who isn’t proud though?

Thursday Thoughts~ Sausages

Thursday Thoughts ~ sausages So many thoughts a second is how the brain actually works. I had several pandemic posts all planned out and another thought or three said, “no corona thoughts for this Thursday” Today the predominant thought brings up a question for you guys out there. How do you cook your sausages? All

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