Outside of the Box ~ unblocked

What does thinking outside of the box mean to you?
Is it possible to live within the “box” and think outside of the “box”?

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The box and thinking outside of it, what does this actually mean?

A topic of conversation I have had with many of my friends and with some even quite recently. Naturally, as with any topic, everything is open to interpretation.
How you see it and how I see it kind of thing.

The box :
We are born, we go to school, society helps us by investing in us with some social welfare type payments like free medical for children or free dental or assistance with school. We graduate, we go to college & we graduate and we enter into the workforce. All along the way tax payers have been helping to keep hospitals and policemen and emergency services available and open to us to help us on our journey.
As we enter the workforce we become a tax payer and now our part of paying back begins.
We pay taxes to help contribute back to the system that was available to us as we grew within the box.
Quite simple really.

So the model of the box is an imaginary idea of how life in the western world happens and develops. To “think outside the box” what could this mean?
Can we think something a little differently and not conform to the concept of the model or ideal of how the society works?
Well of course we can.
We are individuals after all.
So what happens when one falls outside of the “box”?
Example that I will use is myself. I did not graduate school and was or am what one could term a “high-school drop out”. I fell right out of the box right there.
So how could I become a trained professional and contribute in life back into the box?

Furthermore as a young man I became a greater burden on society and taxpayers by becoming a prison inmate. Totally outside of the box.

Later on I became what could be labelled as an emigrant and I went off working and paying taxes into a foreign country. Oh boy, the box got smashed to bits by that time.

What could I be doing?
I am completely and definitely not in even the same region as the box of conformity.
So I must think for myself, I guess?
You tell me??????

Do we somehow attract like minded people and develop bonds with others who have began to live outside of the box and maybe even think for themselves a little, somewhere outside of the box?

The pandemic is high lighting some key factors of this indeed. Those who wish to obey the rules of lockdown and plod along the recommended and keep within the advisory themes during governmental lockdown statuses.
Then there are those who wish to rebel or do something different.

Many times I have heard people say things like “think outside of the box”.
In my mind when I hear this I often mutter to myself “been living here a very long time, it is my default now”.
So what does this Imaginary box mean to you?

Around the world of today reference can made to the great entrepreneurs of our time who do things for themselves and are always “thinking outside of the box”.
There are also great numbers of people within societies that have a very pleasant time inside of the box too.

Here is a question for you though.
Can we live inside of the “box” and then think outside of it?
Is it possible?

Do we possess the ability to see things from another person’s point of view?
For me my whole life has basically been inside and outside of the box.
I have felt and experienced many things both inside and outside of the “box”. So, for this reason I can take time to hear another’s point of view and make an attempt to apply both scenarios, inside and outside of, yes you guessed it, “the box”.

I have found that when making these statements about a box of conformity to people that there are times when some may even get a little upset with me as there is a misunderstanding that living within the box seems boring or not a very exciting life. I never make direct accusations of this nature, it just seems to come about that some who have spent their entire life living within the guidelines seem to get annoyed for my mentioning it. A little defensive of their own position and yet scared or fearful of attempting to live outside of the “box”.

I have no claim at all that either one or the other is a correct way to live. I believe first that if any person is happy, then that is the best place for them to be first and foremost. Whether they conform or they do not is secondary.

I wonder how many of you will openly hold your hand up by way of making a comment here and say “box” or “outside the box”?

I have found that a path to happiness and becoming content is a much more satisfying time and place to be.
In order to reach this it has required me to remain outside of the box and continue to think likewise. I feel more free which probably helps to begin on the road to contentment..
Then of course I can spend some time wondering if indeed I may have missed an opportunity along the aay.
Opportunities though are things that I must make for myself in this world outside of the box.
For those of you who live within the box, opportunities are provided to you. They just happen across your desk.

How do I make outside the box appear more attractive to anyone and encourage anyone to think in such a way to find a path to contentment and happiness?
Perhaps it is too big an ask of myself. Perhaps there is no need to reach out to people and encourage anyone for a life outside of the box as I may have it all very wrong.
This is what comes about when one thinks outside of the box. One begins to think of how wrong many things could be, all the while anyone who has found themselves inside of the box may never even consider that anything is ever wrong. All happens the right way at the right time and life is perfect inside of the box.

What does “blocked” have to do with any of this?
I believe that when we are confined within a box such as the one mentioned above, we remain blocked in our emotional self and our path to a real happiness is by beginning to think outside of everything you have heard or seen or done.
A belief of mine that is when one is not thinking deeply for themselves they are not experiencing their own true full potential.. The potential has been somewhat cocooned for a while and this is where the blocked comes into it.
When one begins to think outside of the box they can begin to feel how they can become unblocked and a whole bunch of emotional depth begins to become a major reality in their own lives.
Does it mean that to think outside the box or live outside of the model that someone must be rebellious?
No, not at all.
To me it means that we could create a large or larger percentage of population thinking outside of the box and thinking for themselves which in turn can create even perhaps a much larger box or no box at all.
The only way that I see how we can learn and grow is to understand each other first.
If you live inside of the box you must venture outside and get to know yourself. When deeper into your own life you may find it is where you actually belong.

I am not talking about communes or hippie villages all over the map.
I am merely pointing out that when we humans begin to really delve into ourselves, the results can be astonishing and our lives can become enriched with contentment.
Who does not want a whole bunch of content feeling in their lives?

Think outside of the box and begin to become unblocked.

Free book “Layman’s Handbook in life, A journey to SELF” to the first 10 people to tell me how many times I mentioned box in the post.

Get mad, get conversational and let me hear your view with your comments below.

I look forward to seeing how the elections will go next week where a large percentage of people who live inside of the box will possibly vote for someone who has always lived outside of the box. lol moments a plenty.
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1 comments on “Outside of the Box ~ unblocked”

  1. I got rather confused along the way, but I think I managed to hear where you’re coming from. For me, the term “thinking outside the box” refers to doing things differently, or “out of the norm”, and in many ways each of us have our own box, our own norm, our own comfort-zone, if you like. So my “out of the box” may be your norm. My friend used to use the expression to help me to manage my crazy head when I had a decision to make – I would tend to see black or white and was unhappy with both and she would encourage me to think outside the box, or “off the wall”, at a tangent and begin to create a few shades of grey and other possibilities. To a degree we all have a box of being 21st century humans in this world of digital technology, consumerism, and modern thought, and as much as we might desire it, for most of us to escape that reality box and pursue a different one would be very difficult… but we each have the ability to think for ourselves, to know ourselves honestly and to surprise the world with our generosity and wisdom, should we have a heart to. Thanks for sharing and for letting me ramble too. 😀 .

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