False accusations ~ How pathetic are they?

How much drama does it take to fill up a life?
Does stress lead to more drama & drama lead to more stress?

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I have a question for you today, how much stress has the pandemic really caused?
“stress” if we were building a bridge or something, a bunch of engineers would sit around a meeting room and discuss the “stresses” & “strains” of what the loads are. In other words, what are the burdens. The weight loads being placed upon the structure.

Another instance could be a leg or post that holds something up, a roof perhaps or your patio roof for example. When you notice some cracks appearing in the post / leg you will understand that the supporting leg is beginning to crack under the “stress”.
So the weight above has become too much (perhaps a clogged gutter has allowed water to build up and this could be causing the extra weight on the roof).
This crack would be the result of extra “stress” being placed upon the supporting leg.

It is clear and fair to say that “stress” or being under stress is related directly to the increasing of a weight load. The more weight one piles on top of something, then the more stress the support system is under.

The result of too much stress and strain and loads and weight are then quite normally ~ cracks.

Very many people tend to use the word “stress” quite loosely these days. How many of us actually stop and think about the conncetion between “stress” & weight / extra burden?

The current pandemic has placed a lot of people under financial burdens. This is a very conceivable cause of extra “stress” in any person’s life.
The lockdowns and limited movements due to pandemic apparently have placed additional weight on people’s lives also.
A kind of strange thing about the lockdowns causing stress. Strange, as I have noticed at least, has been how the pandemic lockdowns have given individuals more time to spend doing nothing. Well almost nothing.

Has the world become such an unusual place to live, that when asked by your government to do nothing, you become stressed?

Many people work all year long waiting to go on holidays and do absolutely nothing for 2 weeks and they have always said they enjoy it. Maybe because it is of their choosing and they feel they are in control of their choice, so it becomes time spent doing nothing “stress” free.
When a government recommends to stay at home and do nothing or even goes so far as to order a lockdown. Then somehow all of a sudden the time spent becomes “VERY STRESSFUL”.
Weird isn’t it?

When a person accuses someone of doing something wrong and they are not really sure or there exists some doubt yet they carry out their accusations with a sense of cocky confidence, what exatly is going on?
Is it possible that an accuser is highly addicted to “drama” and in order to keep the world in balance, some “drama” must exist?

The person who, though not certain, makes false accusations against someone may be fully living within their own reality. Therefore they do not see any malice or vendetta in their actions of making false accusations against a person.
I myself have been recently in receipt of such a situation of being falsely accused and to be honest it is an added burden for sure. Though it has not been my first ever time of having to put up with such nonsense, it did however make me think and wish to share with you.

My thoughts always tend to make an attempt to see the other person’s side of things to try and gain an understanding of how their view point might be. First off of course any accusations are annoying and can make the hair on the back of our neck stand up. Our guard goes up for sure. I am not too cool to admit that my own attitude went immediately to fight mode when I heard such nonsense (the accusations that is).
So what is it exactly that is going on?

Has the “stress” & “strain” of the pandemic become too much for the people of our society?

Does a person wish to inflict burdens and pressures onto another person and by doing so, does this help ease their own “stress”?

Is it possible that any person is finding life now, the “new norm” too difiuclt to handle and so they wish to create drama to bring back a sense of balance to their own world?

Sometimes people live for and live within drama all of the time. It is possible that the removal of dramatic events from daily life due to pandemic remedies of lockdowns that people must create new drama to bring back around a sense of normality to their lives.

It is a clear sign of stress & strain & burden as far as I can see.
I refer often to such drama as “nonsense” think about the word I am using to describe it, NON ~ SENSE. I use this as a description of such events as I do not find any sense to such behavior or how a person conducts themselves in this manner. And I have strained myself to try and understand. Of course adding to my own “stress”, let alone the additional work load involved to have to now make clear the facts and eradicate such accusations.

Is there a direct link between mental health and false accusations?
Will a person act differently under pressures (loads/burdens /stresses) and create drama as a coping mechanism during these pandemic times?

I woukd like to draw your attention to the Donald trump voter fraud situation. Is this a prime example of how mental health disorders can become blatantly obvious for all to see when an individual is under so much pressure (burden/stress/strain) that they will concoct and have people work tirelessly to pursue courses of legal actions to satisfy and maintain the delusional state of “reality” for the mentally unstable accuser?

There are many who will take a stand with such accusations, taking the position of “there is never any smoke without fire”. Therefore feeding off of or in to the drama being created and perhaps satisfying their own thirst for drama.
There is not one trump supporter that would ever own up to being a “drama queen” anyway, so why would I draw up the comparison?
To shed a little light on my own thoughts and perhaps have you think about it for a moment too.

The cracks in our society brought about by too much strain and strees are beginning to show.
False accusations of people are nonsense and pathetic in my opinion and are only a clear signal that the pandemic has really taken a firm hold deep within society. How these stess fractures and cracks allow nonsense to seep out may very well become the new norm which in turn will place massive new burdens upon the mental health support structure which in turn then can begin to crack from the pressure also.

Of course if you have never found yourself accused of anything in error, you may have very little understanding of this entire blog post.
I do however thank you for reading all the way to here and hope you will share this, thinking aloud (allowed) blog post for your friends.

Stay safe, stay well & look out for each other and each others mental health and well-being through the Christmas and holiday times ahead.

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