Lockdown fatigue ~ something to do

Lockdown fatigue is taking it’s toll on us all. This post brings options to you today.


The covid-19 pandemic has screwed with us all.
1st off,
Sincere sympathy is with any family who has lost a loved one to covid-19 virus.
It is my believe that the entire world shares this sentiment of sympathy with you. I also understand this is not of any great comfort to you.

Being in lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many people of the world in many different ways.
Any adult who has lived their life and in their late 60’s & 70’s has been instructed to stay at home. How shocking do you think that is?

Youth have been stopped from going to school. So on both ends of a genrational spectrum, none have been spared.

Middle aged moms and dads have lost their jobs. Stress and worry of how to raise and feed their family as the world battles this covid-19 pandemic.

All have been effected and the reality of the harshness of covid-19 has yet to be realised. We will for years be dealing with covid-19 pandemic fall out.

Elderly losing the will to live, youth losing out on key development stages in life. Middle aged parents having too much stress that marriages break down and families are destroyed.
The covid-19 virus has taken many lives, yes this is indeed fact.
The hidden after effects we are only beginning to see. I discussed this in length a year ago. After 12 months of lockdown, more and more people are beginning to realise the same.

I offer to you a small token of a plan or a guide to use and practice to help ease these worries and stresses. To lighten the lockdown fatigue.

As an independent author, I must wear all the caps. So I am the writer, the publishers and the sales team. I do not have a team of people at the ready on twitter and facebook, waiting to click and click some more to advertise for me.
I do not have support of an industry who props up each other and advertises like crazy for the next new book out, or the perfect bookshop window to show off my latest writing achievenent.

I must reach you by whatever means I can.

I advertise to you today
Layman’s Handbook in life.
This book is written by me and lived by me. It is self help made easy. Self love some might call it.
The subtitle is “simple tools to change how we live”.
And furthermore, “A journey to SELF”

I have lived an adventurous life for many years. Many escapades of seeking out fun & laughter.
Plenty of serious moments too though.

Through some very hard moments in my life, I felt I had to change. I felt I needed to find a way. Luckily for me I did find a way and am able to share posts like this with you today.

I was met with challeneges in life. I struggled to understand. I cried a lot! I questioned every inch of my being. I questioned every particle in existence in our world.
I began to see things/stuff much clearer. I began to learn more about myself.
Through meditation and an all around attitude in life of slowing things down, I began to feel happy again. I began to recognise the simplicity in life. My appreciation began to grow back, so to speak.

I began to notice how I worked on the inside. I endured so much pain that it was almost like I had nowhere else to turn. Only in, to look inside. To learn about the gaping hole inside of myself. Yup a very deep and damaged hole.

I jotted things down as I recalled them. I compiled a book that I called a handbook. Why a handbook?
I wanted to offer a guide to anybody else who might have touched on some of the deep hurtful stuff that I too had also experienced.
Self help, self love, self care.
The handbook is not a system to live by. It is 27 chapters filled with tidbits of how I learned to meditate, communicate, feel, live and gain contentment. A handbook that you can revisit. Not a preachy book to lay out some form of formula for life.

Make it yours.

Help me to reach people who might be in desperate need of some help. Help me to help others by sharing this blog post today.

I experienced lockdown before. I also experienced locked up before. Are they different?

Not in the form of pandemic lockdown, no. I became locked down inside of my own world of hurt and pain. I was locked down by life’s tribulations. Nonetheless, a place I never wish for my worst enemy to ever have to visit. A prison is an easy place to survive. A prison inside of ourselves, not too easy. For this reason, my own understanding of such is why I wish to share with you today & ask that you share this far and wide.

I have found that our mind and our emotions are very powerful tools in our lives. When we can connect a few dots here and there, these tools become very powerful.

By you taking a journey to self with layman’s handbook, you can unlock these kinds of powerful tools for yourself.
Maybe you struggle with getting out of bed each day, then a self help book might make sense for you. As society recognises self help as an aid for someone in this kind of predicament.
Layman’s Handbook is more than self help. This is self care and self love.
Maybe you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Layman’s Handbook in life can help you realise your full potential.

By you sharing this post for me today, you help me in reaching others just like you and me.
You help me by spreading word about my book. You help others by bringing my book to them.
We can keep on connecting the dots and we can unlock very powerful thoughts and emotions.

A link to Layman’s Handbook will be provided below.
Self help is not only about getting out of bed in the morning. Helping self to succeed is massive too.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see that little notification pop up letting me know that you shared this post far and wide for all of us who need it today.
There has never been a more proper time to help people grow out of this pandemic covid-19 lockdown

Layman’s Handbook in life, by Aidan Mc Nally
Simple tools to change how we live.
A journey to SELF.
S ~ E ~ L ~ F

You journey begins here

Our mental health is worth this post share today.

2 comments on “Lockdown fatigue ~ something to do”

  1. WordPress is not allowing me to “Like” many posts at the moment, so having read it, I’ll try to respond instead. I am writing, for the last 5 years, a book about my journey too. I clicked on the link to buy it, but it is on Amazon and on principle I refuse to use Amazon. And it is in dollars? Can it be bought from another source for a UK customer?


    1. Hi the only other source for that market right now would be for me to physically place one in the post for you. Where are you located?
      As far as amazon goes, it is a world market thing. Making life a little easier for me. Mind you, the paperback book is better purchased from the french or german site of amazon. Exanple amazon.de OR amazon.fr as the uk site is having issues for paperbacks is what I am hearing.

      Also can you send me an email to twosons.toomany@yahoo.com about your book.
      Thank you


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