Covid lockdown fatigue ~ a proposed solution

What we do with our time is OUR CHOICE, never forget this.
Lockdown fatigue ~ proposed solution


Have ya just had enough ?
Is it fair to say that even though everybody is going through the same stuff, you find it hard to believe or understand?
Lockdown is not easy for anybody. Too much time to think, too much time for home projects and not enough time socialising?

To keep it short and simple for ya today folks.
We make our lives be one of happy contentment or headache filled misery. Yup! Just like that.
So how can we change from one to the other?

The forced nature of how life has changed due to the pandemic can bring about a lot of feelings and emotions, pissed off for example, tired of the days and nights blending into one another. We can find ourselves unsure if Monday is Wednesday or Saturday.

We may become frustrated with our partner or our kids, it is very possible and justifiable that we are angry. Angry at the corona virus, yes absolutely. An important idea or concept to understand is that we might find ourselves angry at a virus that we cannot see, we cannot understand. This in itself can make the frustrations leak out sideways and get pointed in the wrong direction.
The important idea is to know that our frustrations are real and very justified, these feelings are not any person’s fault though.
Not your sibling’s, not your parent’s, not your children’s and not your government’s. It is just the way it is.

Funny how we can adapt and alter our lives around the corona virus. The entire world has gone through and still is going through some major changes. And this creates another area where our frustrations can be born from. We, the humans, typically do not like changes.

Just because everybody is experiencing something similar during this pandemic and the lockdowns do not make it any easier. Accepting these facts and understanding that not everyone feels the same as you and also knowing that there are others out there who are having a very hard time, this understanding may help you gain a little fraction of gratitude in your own life.
Yes it is a tough time. Yes there are a lot of changes. Yes this has been one of the weirdest times in all of our lives.

So what ya gonna do about making the most of your time right now?

I propose to you that you get stuck in to Layman’s Handbook, in life by author Aidan Mc Nally.
Oh wait, that is me. Ah well it reads nice when I say it like that.
Seriously though,
Layman’s Handbook is all about dealing with these little changes and helping us to make a few more changes too.
The handbook is for the easy days and the not so easy days. It can help you get into things like thinking and emotions, meditation, relaxation and a great benefit is beginning to learn a little more about understanding each other too.

You have a lot more time on your hands these days and have been looking for something to do?

Grab your copy of Layman’s Handbook today.
Fill some of that spare time, that frustrated time with some easy reading.
I do not want any thanks in return, maybe leave a review when you are finished reading. And by the way, I do not think the Layman’s Handbook is some “bible” to swear by.

Layman’s Handbook is an easy to read and easy to follow book that I wrote when I found myself in a deep dark hole in life. I needed to use my time to crawl up out of that hole and so, I wrote many of my life learnings into an easy read book.
327 pages that is made up of 27 chapters.

Begin your journey with this book today and you will reap the benefits.

This is what I call a great solution to these unprecedented times. This is what I call the beginning of a change in self. A willingness on your part to make the first move. Take the first step in getting content in your life.
We ourselves are here to be nice to ourselves. Invest in yourself and your own well being today.

Links to find Layman’s Handbook are all the amazon websites around the world except for amazon UK for paperback copies.( some glitch says not available)
Ebook copies “kindle” etc are available on all the amazon websites around the world.

Begin your journey today, “A journey to SELF”. Simple tools to change how we live.

Your change and how you use this time right now is YOUR DECISION.
I can only present to you the option. The first step comes from you.
Grab your copy today.

Share this post, wherever you find it.
Thanks and have a great rest of lockdown & pandemic.

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