Thursday Thoughts, foolsday ~ SPAM

They spam me and you. Let us spam them back lol. No fool today 😊

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Having spent a little more time on the the world wide interweb in recent days, I am amazed at the efforts that have raised the game of SPAM.

What is it exactly? SPAM…. I do have my own translations, Stupid Poxy ~ Another Message. SPAM. Apparently it actually means or refers to junk email. It is named after the canned meat though, SPAM. It also has been loosely used to name any repetitive type marketing pop ups of ads or continuous annoying adverts.

My blog here could be called spam as I will make attempts at spreading this post in all four corners of the Internet. For you to see and take notice and have a read, just like you are doing now. Wow what a successful spammer I must be (well you are here aren’t you?). Seeing as you are here, do me a favour and share the post on your platforms, would ya please? THANK YOU!

Like why not right?

The news ads and how they appear around the internet have become quite spammy too. Every time ya wanna have a little snoop on what everybody else has been doing during lockdown, we have to close the ads over and over again or ya simply end up stuck in a post like this one. That is the narure of it all. SPAM, bring ya somewhere you didn’t want to be while perhaps you could be spending time somewhere else on the web. Though this blog post is not a bad place to end up reading. After all, my posts are of the highest quality spam you will see today.

The news ads though. Man oh man does it seem like corona virus has played right into all this “buzzfeed” type stuff. Like somebody must have taken a whole classroom full of journalism and explained the simplest basics of marketing tools.

  1. SPAM ~ Be repetitive, be annoying and be annotingly repetitive.
  2. Prey upon fears ~ humans and their fears are the easiest sales clients.

Somebody somewhere has spent a lot or money on making spam almost like an art form. It is almost like all of the internet companies with email users have just said “ah feck it” let the spammers spam. Some of the spammers might even be paying the larger companies for information and “email lists” , though email lists are becoming outdated quicker than days can pass by.

Nowadays it is all about these poxy cookies and your consent to be tracked and have your browising history data sold on to a click counter. Ya want the next NEW BIG APP idea, how about “cookie monster” or “barricade”. Something to tear the tracking cookies asunder. Something to barricade yourself into safety from the click counting and the target marketing, to the point of absolute target markering specifics. No longer are the days where your general age group and general location are used to spam you so as to make a sale. In our current online environment your clicks are still being counted. Many of us have been in a situation where we say that what we were just speaking about to a friend has now started to pop up on your side bar on facebook. Like how did that happen?

The profile being created about you from the use of analysing your internet browsing activity can be quite frightful, just to know the extent of it. Think about, for me it can be as simple as, I didnt order it last time what makes ya think I want it now? I am more of a “hard sell” though. Who ever fricking heard of or can understand why now there are cookie consent forms to fill out and also right in there while you are managing your settings for cookies, the auld beauty of “legitimate interest”. Call me dumb or call me foolish but I have never wanted to have been marketed to by people who have paid for my data and then to be marketed to like I am a 5 year old that there are some cookies that are for “legitimate” purposes. Ohhhh please….. Somebody develop me a cookie monster please.

Somewhere during lockdown I looked at the price involved in seeing Venice one day. What I did not ask for nor wish to know what every trip advisor review maker had to say about Venice. I thought to myself one random day, I wonder what Venice would cost? Next thing I know I am being offered, discount hotel prices for Venice. Top recommend restaurant advice while in Venice and the one I loved the most was “car rental discounts” for my Venice trip. Man oh man I only want to go there to joyride the streets/waterways in a boat, keep your car rental and your confused cookie tracker.


A tracking cookie from a website means your click data can be retained and held on to by a company for analysing, for sale to other companies and to enhance your internet browsing experience. Wooop de fricking doo!

So they are compiling info about each person by our internet habits. Do a few random searches and visit a few obscure websites. Nope this does not mean I am suggesring porn to you. Go search and spend 3 minutes on a website for “carpet stain removal” for example and see how many ads relevant to that specific thing you just searched. Mind blowing.

Not forgetting that we turned off as much of the legitimate consent toggles that we could, so why the hell am I still being tracked and marketed to?

Let us just skip through the outer Mongolian person who wants me to help them transfer their late husband’s Shell oil & government pension fund.

What about my legitimate interests though. Like if somebody out there can explain me, to me based upon some very random boring day’s internet surfing, I am all ears and ready to hear you out. Oh the landmines are every where.

One last one is and this is a real good one to finish up on.

The “fact checking” that has been added to social media platforms. The beauty of it or the laughable is, yes they have figured out that I am male. Somehow this means every few days or so I will received friends requests from some random woman’s picture who wishes to be my friend. So I can read uo on the account request, maybe the account is new with 1 post in a very recent time frame. The link they are sharing is the evolution of chat rooms and how they have a new whats app chat line they would love me to join. One would think after the last few 20, 30, 40 accounts I have blocked. The cookie should have gotten the message by now, right,?

All we are, are workers who are totally “marketable”.

Imagine a profile somewhere out there that tells someone else what I am most likely to purchase the next time I get the urge to splurge. Never mind that the mighty fact checkers can tell us all about corona virus yet cannot determine a fake account and a spam “sex group” announcement. Weird isn’t it?

I spam you with my blog post (though actually NOT mass emailing you with posts). I do it to continue writing. I have never added any email gathering software to my website or anything, even though highly recommended as an independent author. I do it to share with you info on where to find my books that I have written, to offer to you even more distraction amid a pandemic.

Clear all your cookies from your device and browsing history from all time and do your own reset on life.

Hey and by the way, share this post and tell 1 friend today about checking out “award winning author Aidan Mc Nally. His books got that special something to help change your mind..


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