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Thursday Thoughts, foolsday ~ SPAM

They spam me and you. Let us spam them back lol. No fool today 😊

A letter to Government ~ Covid-19 Ireland.

Oh boy, oh boy! There have been so many hiccups and opportunities squandered by our elected officials in how corona virus has been dealt with. The compounding of same continues. Perhaps you do not live in the same country as me, though you have similar feelings and opinions towards the strange methods & restrictions that

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Corona Virus ~ Community Support

Now that we have found ourselves in a pandemic & it is looking more long term than first thought. How can we begin to support our community?

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation ~ Life today Monday motivation, the great two words to begin any week off. Mind you, let’s be fair. Monday is not what it used to be, Wednesday afternoon feels like Monday these past few weeks. Lock down is a hard thing to cope with for even the free spirited. How have you

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People & Politics during corona virus.

Corona Virus, political disappointments. We all have our favourite politicians, well actually there are some of us that are just annoyed by them all. Do you have a special political person that you actually enjoy when they speak, thoroughly believe they value what they say themselves and that they believe in their passions? Do they

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Where are ya going on your holidays this year?

Where are ya going on your holidays this year? Holidays from the virus, more than likely. It is a fair thing to consider though. Will you do a little holiday somewhere local to you? Will you share and try and help your local community rebuild “post corona”? It almost seems at the moment that just

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Grief, Death & Grieving (corona times)

Grief, Death & Grieving life. (corona times) A tough subject, that is for sure. I guess it is worth bringing to the fore though. What is it that you know about or wish to hear about grief? Part of the grieving process is all about finding articles just like this one here to look to,

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