Braveheart ~ what a great movie.

The movie quotes are awesome to remember especially during covid lockdown

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There are classics of times gone by and there are more recent movies that deserve the acclaim of a classic.

Braveheart for me falls into this category. I am sure many will not like to give the movie Braveheart as high a level of respect that I believe it deserves. The performance of the actors, awesome! The story line which is pretty much historic versions of how it was, awesome! The writing, awesome!

Come on, think about it for a second or two. The Scottish want to go and do battle against the British. The nutjob guy is Irish and says Ireland is his island. When the foot soldiers, the slaves to the English head the charge, what do you know? They are Irish foot soldiers sent to their slaughter. The front lines meet and the Irish do the great turncoat move and join forces with the Scottish. That right there is classic in itself. “My island” the guy says with a great smile.

For all of us Irish, this is a great movie because we, well many of the Irish always get some warming satisfaction when we see the Irish turn against the British. Too long of an explanation to go into here. It is in the cows milk in Ireland and we are all a bunch of monarchy hating rebels. Not exactly to be fair, just a funny spin on it.

The real clincher of the deal and something that has reared it’s head throughout the covid-19 saga. It is a pandemic and it is a saga.
The many items involving corruption in politics, cronyism as low as giving vaccines out to the elite “on the sly”.
No real strategy or exit plan exists for the country and everyone is really becoming on edge. Dubbed to be lockdown fatigue, I have written a couple of previous blogpost highlighting the nature of becoming angry at the situation that exists, the anger coming from having a feeling of how much more can the country take? How much more can the people take?

The mighty Braveheart let us all know a long time ago,
They will never take my FREEDOM!

THE FREEDOM means what to you?
Going for a pint to watch the match?
Going shoping for clothes?
Meeting up with your friends, basically anywhere?
Heading to the cinema to watch a movie you want to watch?
Freedom to chose to do whatever you want to do. I think that is the basics of it.

The freedom he is mentioning and referring to which for me is a great piece of writing, They can never take his mind.
His memories and his thinking cannot be taken from him.

During the lockdown and more so that it is coming slowly towards an end, I offer to you this reference to keep it in your mind. No other person can take away your mind. No other person or government can take away your memories, your dreams or your mind. These are things you own. To repeat, YOU OWN YOUR MIND.

Others may try and fcuk with your mind, every angle of media, be it social media or news channels, they keep on reporting and spamming you with nonsense all about covid-19.
The beauty or the power within yourself is how you choose to think about what is being delivered to you across these platforms.
When will we see the day that the news comes on the television and it is a program where it is completely silent and blank?

A saying we Irish have “No news is good news”. Even the kings of England back in the Braveheart times have been reported as having journal entries. “No matter how we treat them, at night they still sing and dance and are happy”. Not verbatim, a rough idea of a King of England journal entry as he looked out from his castle at his peasant workers, “The Irish”. To compound this element of fun loving Irish, we also have and old saying or two for every occasion, “no news is good news”
Yup, I will continue to wait for that blank silent newscast one day.

The FREEDOM we all have, covid lockdown or not is the power to choose what we do with our dreams, our thoughts and our memories. Yes it is difficult to adhere to being happy all of the time and I definitely get pissed off reading and hearing of all the nonsense coming out from each article day after day about government and government agencies. Guess what though?

Many years ago I learned a very strong art of maintaining power over my own mind. I have often heard the roar of Braveheart from the movie inside of my own head, “they will never take my freedom”. This has carried me through some tough times and helped me understand a lot of how it is about what I choose to think, what I choose to believe and how I choose my own life to be.

The lockdown due to the pandemic has been taking a toll on many people across the island of Ireland, “my island” lol. If i could put you all on my own back and carry you, I would.
I have chosen a career in writing and so I spam them poxy “news reports” right back with a link to my blogpost to offer you a thought distraction.

Here today, maybe you can share this post?

Keep it in your mind that you still have your mind, it is yours.
Be like the Irish and never let anyone put you down so much that you will not laugh and sing and dance.
Be like Braveheart and remember they can NEVER take your FREEDOM.

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