June is coming ~ beach days?

Time to roll up the legs a little and go paddling. What is in your bag to read at the beach?

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Here it is finally, some summer.
In Ireland we have experienced a soft type winter and nothing but crappy days since. Now finally as May is coming to an end, we have received our first taste of summer weather. Yippppeeee!

I am fully aware that the corona virus lockdown has taken it’s toll on many people. Here in Ireland we have endured 14 months plus of lockdown nonsense, though the end is not totally here yet, there have been some lifting of restrictions in the month of May and there are to be more in June and July.

The “new normal” will take a while to fully establish itself. As with the nice weather this weekend, we are seeing many people very happy. It is almost like the opportunity for people to let out that big gasp, “we made it”. Being able to party and drink beers on a sunny beach for all who have been eagerly awaiting an opening to get mixing with a few friends.
I am the first to admit of how nice it is to see people letting their guard down a little and see happy smiley faces. A great combo, people on the beaches, music in the air and laughter and crowd noise.
Is it a little too early?
Will there be a new variant this week called the beach variant”?

Who knows, right?

Lets just hope that nice warm beach weather can continue for the whole of the island of Ireland. No body will need to worry about going to Spain for the summer holiday. A ton of coastline to be explored on our very own island.
Staycation or not. Ireland in the sun is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

If you would like some beach reading this summer, come on over to www.amcnallyauthor.com
There is plenty to browse and links to all 4 of my books.
Great beach reading. By the way be careful of TWO sons TOO many. This was my first ever book, my memoir. I say be careful because you may get sucked all the way in and end up not realising the time. This little book of mine has been known to cause sun burn. Imagine, my book gripped someone that much that they only stopped because the light was fading and they then knew they had been on the beach for 10 straight hours.

Stay safe,
Stay corona free.
Enjoy your beach time as responsibly as you can.
And of course, enjoy my books😊

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