Corona Virus saga ~ Health Care & YOU

Our health, mental-health, physical health. Many things we never notice can affect
these things.
Change is possible. How about the “great big reset?”.

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Holy Mary mother of God!
If I had of used part 1, part 2 type thing to write and talk about corona virus, we might be at part 439 by now.
Though the virus talk has changed from way back in Febraury 2020 to now April 2021. A quick recap, we went from how the virus might be spreading to what materials it can live on like, 3 minutes on cold steel to 20 hours on plastic not in direct sunlight and things like, UV rays can kill it and it is airborne. All the way to now in this year of how the virus talk is more about vaccine and the dangers of or the percentage chance one particular age group may have Vs another.
The same virus talk though has slightly changed to be more about the reopening of business and the vaccinations and remedies.
Funny thing about it, nobody has a clue of it’s spread features and everyone has been pumped with a serious dose of fear for more than 12 months.

. “Corona Virus ~ don’t do this, don’t do that or you will DIE”

What an absolute crock of horseshit tbh. How any government or country’s official organisations believe that dishing out scare tactics and putting fear into people by broadcasting daily death figures for 13 full months, how this is supposed to benefit or help imporve people’s health in anyway?

I became “unhealthy” or perhaps we could say “ill” in my own life prior to corona virus or any or this nonsense. I have attributed my illness/condition to be directly associated with or as a result of my own personal traumas experienced. For these reasons I have had time to reflect on my own lifestyle choices and things like diet and exercise. I admit right here that I am a smoker and this nicotine addiction has been my best friend and comfort in times of stress and strain and so my own psychological addiction to cigarettes sometimes feels like a much greater reason to continue than quit.
I could make a big long list of all the drugs I have used and abused though the simplest is to tell you, I did em and I quit em. Let’s call it giving up drug addiction.
Alcohol has been quite a similar path in my life, basically choose not to anymore. I could be labeled a “non drinker” for want of a better term.

I mention those things as a way of shedding some light on the path of addictions and quiting stuff like these and how I have found that smoking is definitely a diffetent animal indeed. Though perhaps the most damaging of them all. Who is to say that if I didnt give up using drugs that I would have died much younger or not? I have been told my illness/condition is a direct result of using drugs and consuming alcohol in my younger years. I think that is crock of shit too by the way, I believe and it is fair to say “have a firm belief” that it is a direct result of trauma.

The point being that I have spent a number of years developing myself to be as emotionally healthy as I could be. It has been important to me in my life to reset my own life. It has been flaunted around the place that the corona virus is fake and is nothing more than the “great big reset” of our time. I as one person of the world who has had the pleasure of adapting to a “great big reset” of my own find it hard to understand or believe that the corona virus, covid-19 has anything to do with a reset of any kind. My own experience in the pains and level of difficulty involved in bringing about a reset in oneself are far greater than anything that we have seen from corona virus.

Our ability to reset ourselves is amazing really. In my own journey to myself I have found along the way connections between things like “Mental health”, “Emotional well being” & “Physical health”. Which bringd about more “conspiracy” type thinking in the area of corona virus. Not quite in the way you may think though.
The connections being that through lockdown and the removing of social gatherings coupled with an onslaught of daily numbers that tell you how many people have died. The world has rapidly become a sad place, a mundain place, a morbid place, a depressed place, a stir crazy place, an anxious place, an overwhelming place, a paranoid place, a suspicious place.
Yes all or this has been brought about by what you have been fed since the corona virus first came about in the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.
The world has been a crazy place and a place of all that I mentioned above for many years before. The chances are very probable that you just never bought into any of the sadness or the madness before and covid-19 has brought about this weird reactionary opinionated thinking for many. Basically feeding you with enough nonsense and negativity to bring your entire system down physically, emotionally & mentally.
The trifecta, which are 3 key components of being ill, unhealthy or sick.

I have found some great remedies to reset myself after my own addictions, I was able to find some great remedies to reset myself after enormous trauma. I have found great remedies to nurture and nourish my own feelings and emotional well-being. I have found great remedies to calm my mind and allow myself to catch my breath, this then resulting in clearer thoughts and a much happier content all around set of feelings.

Why share this with you today?

I would like of course to offer to you my book where I made sevral notes of tricks and remedies to help myself heal and find more peace n my life. This book has received an award of excellence for 2021 in the category of “Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit”. My award was a very welcome boost to my writing and an overall satisfaction of mine in how I have told myself “well done”.
Imagine my book won a global award. My writing has been given a number 1 slot and has been chosen above other entries from around the world. WOW!

Anyway, I offer the title to you; Layman’s Handbook, in life by Aidan Mc Nally.

Layman’s Handbook is focusing on finding remedies to our dilemmas. Learning some basic steps to meditation and bringing you on a “jourmey to self”.
Our media outlets have failed us in providing you with any encouragement or positigity in the saga that has been and still is covid-19. Our governments have provided you with very little tools to overcome and bring about good positive mental health during the pandemic.
These two ingredients are vital to your own physical health.
It is almost as if that the powers that be want you to be sick, unwell or unhealthy.

I know there are ways and I know there are tricks as I have performed these on myself and I am living proof that a reset in our lives is possible, I am living proof that no matter how the odds are stacked against us and whatever it is that seems impossible, there is a way through and it is possible. Do not blindly take my word for it. Give layman’s Handbook a go and see for yourself.

My writing life has become it’s own journey of how I aspire to inspire.
My own life has befome a healthier happier existence. I have managed this through simple tools. A sub title of Layman’s Handbook, “Simple tools to change how we live”

Get healthy by thinking healthy, feel well by hearing well, by speaking well, by eating well, by thinking well.
The connection between feeling well, thinking well and being physically well is jaw-droppingly HUGE!

And NOW for the call to action portion of today’s post.
I want to give you this book. I am going to give away 1 book for every 10 shares of this post up to a maximum of ten books.
All you have to do to WIN 2021 award wiining Layman’s Handbook is share this blog post. Winners will be chosen at random after each batch of 10 shares of this post.
Happy reading and happy weekend to you all.

Layman’s Handbook can be found in ebook and paperback on amazon along with my other great books by author Aidan Mc Nally.

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