Vaccines, summer, time off, work ~ Headspin!

Am I willing to take my choice? Make my decision?
My life, my choice is a real opportunity for us all.

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What an amazing summertime we are having, right?
Inundated with corona numbers and new variants. Questions can run through our mind like,
Is the vaccine safe?
Will I be protected forever?
What if I get side effects?
What if I am being used as a lab rat, a test dummy?
Will I still catch covid and be sick?
Can I go on holidays?
What if everyone does NOT get the vaccine, will it keep spreading?

What if everyone does get the vaccine and the population starts to die off?

have no answer here in this post for all of those questions. I wish I could wave a magic wand and provide you the comfort you need on the issue of vaccines. I did get 2 shots or vaccine myself. I can confirm this. Why did I get it? The bottom, bottom line is simple. There is more than just me in my life and for other people I thought it the best thing to do for all of my immediate family.
I do believe I can make the ultimate sacrifice of self in order to make sure a clear path is available to me for international travel so that I can continue my own family relationships.

To answer the questions you might have are, yes, beyond me. I did and still do believe, if the conspiracy theories are to be proven true, then I tip my hat to the powers that be. The “they” in the greater scheme of things are much much smarter than me and so therefore I cannot sweat the issue. Hats off to the uber intelligent that could possibly concoct such a great drama.
So I got the vaccine. I definitely was not going to try and bend my head around understanding every little detail of the “play moves”. I made a decision to run with it and let the chips fall where they may.

Summertime and the living is easy, right?
I know though….
Do I go back to work?
Is my productivity at home better?
Will I start splashing out on expensive coffees and lunches again? Or stick with homemade banna bread?
Will my covid anxieties keep me from my morning commute?

Again to keep things real and honest with you, I have no clue to the precise answers.
I have chosen a little path of returning to some work after quite some time. I figured that I will test the waters and see how things go. I cannot sit at home and ignore the world and life that is happening out there. For this reason I chose to dive right in and see where it takes me.
I know it is summertime and the best of the weather and things like that are here for a while, “make hay while the sun shines” they say, right?
Let’s worry about all the other things, some other time.

Working from home has to have become more like loads of time off. There being no commute and the opportunities to go from work life to home life so easily has had to have helped a few of you out there.
I did hear of a study many years ago that reported on the importance of the morning commute. The concept being that a break from home life while en route to work is indeed a very healthy thing for a mind. We enjoy the commute, believe it or not. There is a preparing that happens inside of us as we travel to work. Helps to set us up right for the day, “they say”.

I wonder is that the same “they” that master minded the pandemic?
Are there many variants of “they” when it comes to referring to THEY?

Another bottom, bottom line perhaps.
We have one life to live. You have heard it a million times over. Have you ever took heed though? Like really give it some thought?
We can stay in a head spin and a bit of a tail spin too if we wish to allow it to be so. We actually have power within ourselves to rise up beyond pandemics and beyond anxieties. The latter being a huge key to further success.
The head spin and all the questions can stay far behind in my wake.
Covid has thought us many lessons of this concept. For those of us who have experienced a loved ones death during covid. We did not get the opportunity to have the same usual rituals to mourn our loved ones.
We have seen how fickle life really is.
We have been given a huge pause button on life and all of the many complications.

We have the power to breathe in deeply and allow our anxiety to subside. The power we possess is something we may never have known before this pandemic. Those of you reading this post right now have survived a pandemic. Thus far, at least. This has brought about achievement in itself.
You have achieved so much through this past year and a half.
All of you deserve a nice gentle hug & / or to enjoy a marmalade on toast breakfast once in a while as you dash out the door to catch a train.

When we find our head in a spin with a downpour of thoughts. A frenzy of anxieties and a day that is just simply….. Hard.
Take some time as best you can to practice a little bit of relaxation.
My simple method is to focus on our breathing and allow a little glimmer of hope in your day. By bringing about this slow down on the inside of ourselves, we can take power back from all that surrounds us.
We can begin our day again at any given time. We can use some simple breathe in and bretahe out exercises.

When we focus on how our breath fills our lungs, we begin to calm down and many of our distractions are left behind us. Yes! It all sounds so simple. Is it though?
I have overcome extreme trauma and major anxiety as a result.
What did I use to help me through?
I practiced many forms of meditation that helped me to find which method worked best for me. Simple breathing can make a huge difference nowadays.

Your own willingness to try is going to be a great beginning for you. When you are willing to give things a go, it is then that you too will find what works best for you.
You have a great power over your own life.
You have great power over your own anxiety.
You have great power over your own happiness.
All you need to do is make a decision, take a choice in how you want to be.
Relaxing a little bit can help stop a racing mind. Meditation can bring you to a great place of clarity and joy.
Try it….
Have a great week


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