IDENTIFY ~ what does this mean to you?

How do we identify?
What is important to identify?

Let’s take a quick look and see where we may find our success


I have heard this word used in many different ways.

One such, identify being used to express how someone can relate to another person. Relate to them or more rather relate with them in a manner of how they felt before or how they can relate indentically in how they felt in a particular situation. One may say, “I can identify with you” or “I can identify with that”.
In this context the word identify is used to bring about an understanding between two people or more of a direct expression of how one can relate with what the other is saying. They recognise the feelings that are being expressed

Some other examples or different context in how the word can be used,
Can you identify the criminal from some mug shots? A question the police may ask you following a crime. Can you see a photo and recognise a person. Again like how a person can recognise something.
In the “gender neutral” debate, a person may make clear how they wish to be recognised and make a statent of how they “identify as gender neutral”.
Another may be from the LGBT community on how someone wishes to be recognised by their sexual orientation, a person might say something like this as opposed to being classified as gay or straight “I identify as bisexual” as an example of this.

There are many contexts where the word identify can be used. All of which are about recognising something or someone. Something about a person Another question that may occur when being questioned by police about how to identify a person could be “any identifying marks” these being scars or tatoos. Again a call upon us to recognise. Whether it be recognition by way of hearing something that resonates with us or by way of identifying somebody from a photo.
Or of course by recognising someone by their gender or sexual orientation.

To identify is clearly to recognise.

I have found that a clear path in our journey can be helped massively by being clear and having a clear understanding of how we recognise ourselves. How do we identify all that is happening within ourselves?
Many people that I have come across wish to go places and do great things. Take their lives to new heights.
I have found that when we use the word identify in relation to ourselves that it is no longer about any resonating factor. It then becomes solely about recognising inside of ourselves what are our strengths and our own weakness.

If we are to say that you, yes you reading this right now. If we are to say that you can recognise your own strength then indeed, you can achieve the new heights that you seek.
Once we are clear on how we identify our own stumbling blocks, once we can identify our own strong points. It is then that we can succeed.
Success is not always about money and career. Sometimes success is about helping ourselves become more of the real us and then in turn our confidence can grow.

We can achieve beyond our dreams by taking our time in the process of allowing ourselves to identify all of how we operate and function.
It may not be the easiest or the most simple thing to do, However, when we can identify who we are and how we “tick” we can then play to our stengths and then our life of success and new heights begins.

Try to identify for yourself what are your inner most secrets and why have you kept them inside for so long?
When we identify inside of ourselves the issues that have prevented us from living out our dreams. A place of beginning begins to develop. Journeys into ourselves are often joyous awakenings and very well worth the effort.

I can share with yoy some things that you may identify with easily.
There have been times that I have had so much emotional pain inside of me that I cry myself to sleep.

There have been many times that the pains in my head would not allow me to sleep.

There have been many times that I have achieved so much and then I turned away from success.

These may resonate with you and you may identify with me.
The real work begins with turning the tables on yourself and begin to identify what it is that;
Makes you cry yourself to sleep?
Hurts your mind so much to not be bale to sleep?
That prevents you from succeeding?

There are many tools to help you with your journey inside of my book Layman’s Handbook in life, by Aidan Mc Nally.
The subtitle on the cover “A journey to SELF”
S ~ E ~ L ~ F

When we identify what has been holding us back, well, let me just say that you are in for one hell of great ride to your next level. Enjoy!

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  1. Probably really stupid point (and I should check a dictionary, if I was less impatient) but was thinking of identify and identity and how our identity is a sum of those things with which we identify?


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