Tag: Feelings

IDENTIFY ~ what does this mean to you?

How do we identify?
What is important to identify?

Let’s take a quick look and see where we may find our success

NEVER QUIT ~ aspire to inspire

Life can be difficult for everybody at any time. Pick me ups can be hard to find. There are ways, there are answers

Outside of the Box ~ unblocked

What does thinking outside of the box mean to you?
Is it possible to live within the “box” and think outside of the “box”?

Energy, feelings, tired ~ FRIDAY FEELINGS

The end of the week has arrived. The weekend of rest and relaxation lies ahead. What will one do this weekend? During corona times, how does anyone know whether it is midweek, weekend or even Monday all day everyday? What will you do this weekend? Fewer and fewer places to go or things to do.

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DRUGS ~ seriously though

Why do we get “high”? Is there a cycle of events to feeling shit and the temporary high from drugs does nothing?