And they look at you funny ~ SO WHAT!

How people look at us does not matter.
What people think about us matters even less .
Simple tools to help adjust and keep moving forward….

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We all have little techniques for getting through each day, some are to make things a little easier and some are to make things harder. Do you know which ones have become which ones?

We may find ourselves at work with colleagues or in college with our peers, maybe even our life partner. Who knows where exactly as we are surrounded by people most of our days.

We all have developed little ways by where we weave and bend differently to survive in our environwment. When somebody annoys us, we may tell ourselves to simply ignore them and it/they will go away.
We might even believe that we are not annoyed when we actually are. This can be something quite funny if we look at it “head on”.

1 simple tool to deal with people and their games is all we need to manage our life on any given day.
A simple technique that can help make your own life that little bit more satisfying and simple.

What games?

The game of life, the head games, the control game or the game of gossip.

The cancer like nature in how negativity can be lurking in the hallways of your work place is clearly detectable. The gossip group may love to talk about you. Maybe even in your local community. What I have found is that people, in general gossip because they do not know any different. Their intentions are never really with any real malice. However gossip is a vicious thing to be a part of. Though nobody wants to do you any harm really.

Sometimes it is not only gossip, all round general negativity can bring us down. We have our techniques to stay away from the people we know who hold the title of “negative Nellie”. Though they may well be that person that complains and moans about every little thing. They carry out their role of being negative perfectly. Do you think that they ever spent a moment in thought of how good they are at being negative?
Probably not.

One simple tool to help you along in your day.

I carry out this or more like adopt this attitude.
I throw my hands down in defeat. I give up on them.
Yes indeed I can hear you say, “why the defeatest type attitude”. Surely I, who promotes “Never give up” as a way of life cannot give in so easily and be defeated by negativity and cancer like gossip.
To be honest, it is the simplest and best use of giving up that I have ever learned.

The technique is really simple
I give up on the negativity and the people who spew it.
I give up on the gossips.
I give up on those who want to play mind games.
I give up on those who wish to be inside of my head and want to have some so called information to spread.
I give up on those around me who wish to drag me down.

By giving up on these people in these types of situations and their games. We are by no means defeated.
What we are actually doing is separating ourselves from their game. The GAME of life is so much larger than such petty types of people. By giving up on them we are stepping out of the game they wish to play.
By doing so we are taking over the power and control over our own life. We are taking a step to winning. We are taking a step closer to positive outcomes and positivity in our own lives.
This simple technique of throwing the hands down in defeat is a powerful tool in bringing much more joy into your own life.

When I say “Never give up”
I definitely mean it and more so perhaps am saying never give up on yourself.
To walk away from those who are no good for you, no good with you and no good about you. This is a strong key technique to understand how and when to give up.

What others have to say about you is really none of your business and by giving up caring how people may gossip about you or their opinions of you is a solid way to proceed along your own more upbeat path in life.
What anyone has to say about you is something that does not matter.
Any person’s opinion of you is more about themselves than it is you.

Take some time to see the little games you may have been sucked in to. Take a step back and give up on them.
You do not have to prove anything to anybody.

How they see you does not matter and when you take this simple step towards improving your own mental health and well being, they will not know how to deal with you.
How strange indeed, by giving in and throwing the hands down, this simple step of giving up on other people’s bullshit, you can rid yourself of so much negativity and create a whole new void inside of yourself that you can take your time with and fill in this void with joy and all things nice.

A simple yet powerful tool to help yourself to.

Oh how will they look at the new you? (😉)

For more tips and tools that can help simplify and make nice your life, check out for yourself
Layman’s Handbook in life by Aidan Mc Nally.

Have yourself a great week and thanks for all your shares and likes and comments.


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