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A quick few lines this evening to discuss some of the internet and how we have been using it.

The relevant issue for me is trying to advertise writing and books and anything I may wish to reach the largest audience possible. This is my normal social media use. To advertise.

Over the years I have found the social media sites much better for advertising than say a newspaper article. How and ever, main stream media is massive because it has that extended arm reach.

The internet and sharing articles and posts around the internet is probably the coolest way to help keep each other informed. So how do you get that post to gain traction? How do we reach the audience that never heard of any of our work?

The answer still remains the same.

word of mouth

In today’s climate of internet, social media sites etc, word of mouth has a different sense to it. A different vibe, today’s gossip occurs by pressing a SHARE button. Sometimes I will share a post that makes me laugh or makes me say wtf… When I am shocked by something amazing, I usually share it because I want others to have the same “wow” moment that I just had. I might grin and smile while reading or viewing other posts and then something makes me laugh out loud pretty hard. Without hesitation boom, share that straight away. I kind of think of how it might brighten up a moment for somebody else. Rightfully so “gossip” never really had the power to brighten up a day for anyone before, now though, sharing posts helps us spread good cheer. Good gossip if ya like.

Sharing of posts for me or by me are usually those two things above and the one key method that I use myself, when someone asks for a share. I have used this at times and did not get any good results. I have posted stuff around the web and asked for a share and got tons of shares. So what made the difference? For me it has been simple to analyse and see what has worked best.

  1. Ask for the share directly
  2. Keep the content funny
  3. Content with a wow factor

Those have been the 3 simple steps to getting shares on my posts. Have any of you got any pointers you would like to add? Please do add in the comments below.

Why this post this evening?

I like to make a blog post at least once a week and I like to make them interesting to my audience. Does it work always? No, not always. Too much other stuff going on around the internet and I fall through the cracks. I write to remind us of this, this evening as I am working hard on a project at the moment and when the time comes, I will be asking for shares from everybody, possibly everyday when the new project launches. I will not be asking for the shares around the internet to be annoying, no, absolutely not. I only ask because I want to reach people that I do not know. The only way I can bring my post to people that I do not know is with your help.

This is why all of us who put content out on the internet, asks for your shares. And keep a close eye out for the new project launch. I am working on it and I hope to be sharing with you soon. When the time does come, I wanted to let you know why I ask for your shares and to help anyone who wants to know how and what to do. Nobody will ever know if we do not keep on sharing and we won’t share unless we are asked directly. None of us would see the new posts or know too much of anything if we didnt keep on sharing.

Have a great week to all of you and look forward to your comments.


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