Determination, Excitement, Success ~ Great words.

Words have mighty powerful effect. How about we use a few nice ones this week.

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I believe in the use of words, their effectiveness over our lives and how we get to choose what we say.

In Layman’s Handbook there is a chapter devoted to “The words we use daily”.

In an all round general way to take a look at words and how we use them, it is quite simple really as I see it. When we choose the words that we speak, we may slow down our speech just a little. We are taking our time to find the right words, we are choosing our words. When we do this we are not wasting time because of a slighlty slower process involved in choosing and thinking about the words we are using.
We are however making clear choices towards a nicer life.

A nicer life by choosing my words?

Yes indeed, it is totally possible to change one’s entire mindset by how we choose our words.
I have used in the title of this post 3 words.
Determination, can you pause with this word for a moment and have a little think about it?
What does it mean to you? Can you say the word to yourself and then say the word out loud. No need to shout, just speak the word out. Determination.

I guess inside of a small piece of myself I would like you to use this word during your week this week too. Try and remember now as you have paused and spoke the word out loud to yourself.

Excitement, another great word to use. Can you pause for a moment with this word.
Can you whisper it to yourself, and again can you speak it out loud to yourself.
Perhaps this will be a great word to use during the week ahead also.
Speak it out and say it during the week.

Success is awesome. This word has almost like magic powers. Again pause for a moment with the word. Think about the word success. Whisper it to yourself and please take a moment to speak the word out loud to yourself.
Find room for this word in your week.

Taking time with the words above is important and brings huge befefit to our lives. Yes for sure, this is a blog post and the post is filled with words, you are correct in this thought process. When we speak out words, speak them out loud, there are a few of our senses activated in our body. We first have the thought that goes into speaking the word, so our mind is activated. We also have our speech activated and we have our ears activated when we speak as they are listening.
We hear everything we say. When we pause in thought about a word or we take our time in choosing some more positive upbeat words, then this is indeed what we hear, what we feel as we speak. An actual physical feeling of how the words are formed in our mouth and how the murmur that runs along our neck as we hear the words being spoken. Sometimes we can feel the words in our nasal area as we speak them too.

These sensory type things occurring as we speak is why it so important to choose our words. Just like Dorothy when she clicked her heels together “there’s no place like home” she repeated it a few times and then she was home.

Repeat these words during your week.
Determination ~ Excitement ~ Success

It will be an interesting little project to take on. All to gain by taking on a little trial for the week.
Of course I would love to know your results although, I am quite confident you will be pleasantly surprised.

Have a great week and share, comment and like the post please & thank you.

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