TORN – like a piece of paper?

How do we? when can we? should we?

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TORN – like a piece of paper?

I am torn, what does this mean?

To tear a piece of paper means we get two pieces of paper and so it is, in a physical sense, a bonus. We once had one and now we have two, right?

Yes in terms of needing to allow two people write something down at the same time, it has become beneficial to tear something into two. A piece of a rag/cloth perhaps, we can again benefit to now have two pieces. Mind you, if we are tearing a piece of paper and that happens to be a piece of paper money, well that is not very beneficial at all. Yes we may now have two pieces though we have rendered the entire piece “useless” by tearing it. The tearing has made it lose its value.

We may have heard ourselves say some things like these before, “I am torn between two minds about….” Another can be about our emotions and say “I m torn between my feelings for and my feelings against….” This brings me back to the tearing of the paper money. Can we render ourselves less valuable by being in a position of where we are torn?

Does this mean we are more valuable when we remain whole? Or are we more valuable when we spread ourselves thin and are torn between our job and our family and our children’s lives and our partner’s lives and our friendship circles? Those just there can be the basics of life for many and as I have now just written them, they seem to be quite a lot. Remaining whole does definitely jump out at me as being the better state to be in to be able to cope and cater to all that may be going on. Therefore it is perhaps a more simple way to look at things that we are faced with daily. I am spread thin today can be a simpler use of words to consider as opposed to “I am torn”.

When something is torn it can lead to a condition of being damaged. Am I damaged because I am between two minds about something, so to speak?

Interesting ideas pop in to my mind when reading this question out loud to myself. I can find myself torn between two minds about many things. Examples of this are definitely between my love for something and my need for something else. Which becomes more important? I remember my own father always harping on about “I do not care about what you want and am more concerned and focussed about what you need”.

So my needs over my wants really were my lesson from him. I did hear this again and again some years later. Focus on what you need and then the pathway to all that you want will appear.

The ability to make a decision when we find ourselves torn is not always clear and easy. Definitely not as easy as me writing a blog post about it and I understand it can take some of us some time to make decisions. A simpler attitude can help a concept to consider.

Am I being true to myself?

Does this serve me? (Me and my family)

Do I wish to be comfortable or uncomfortable?

True to myself is an important position to take and the most advised of course. Serving me and my family is equally as important and now for the comfort. Do I wish to remain comfortable and torn or do I wish to bring about some discomfort and become content or remain torn and comfortable, hmmm!

I have found that when we are torn and are asking ourselves questions that it is a valuable lesson to understand how we can train ourselves to be answer orientated over questioning. Present answers to ourselves daily rather than remain torn or indecisive. Solutions and answers are a path to contentment and a happier place to be. Though an initial feeling of discomfort will arise, there is a much bigger picture to consider always and the uncomfortable route often leads to the most “happy place”. Perhaps the real question can become.

Am I aware that there are billions of people in the world who could not care if I am comfortable, content or happy?

Am I aware that my own comfort totally relies on my own self and not from others?

Am I aware that the longer I remain torn between two items I am denying myself peace?

So by answering these questions above would mean that if I am more “aware” of things about my own better place, I can make decisions a little easier. Perhaps the real question is why am I torn and what is it that allows me to continue to wish to allow myself to remain stuck?

I leave the thought process up to you now and you can see where you land with being torn and what it is you need to do about it.

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