Do you? R Don’t you?

Do we or do we not?

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Do you? R Don’t you?

The saying is and of course I would like you to let it sink for a minute or three. We’ll wait.


Or do you? Really, hmmmm!

It is a great concept and is very telling when I consider this. It is like as if I thought I knew something or even somebody and it can turn out I was wrong or I just didn’t know.

So does my own “ignorance” mean me dumb or stupid or I simply did not know? Can my own ignorance mean it is okay? Like I guess I cannot walk into a bank and rob it and then tell the judge “eh I didn’t know I would be jailed for years for this act”. I guess ignorance is no excuse for any actions. Did I really not know though? Of course I knew it is wrong to rob a bank though.

So what is it that I don’t know?

Everything and anything. The beauty of the bliss in ignorance is I didn’t know I didn’t know it yet anyways.


When I see posts around the internet, some of them I find quite funny as it is amazing to me who and how some people have the time to come up with such deep and meaningful funny stuff. Then I might see a post about block chains and any amount on acronyms and I become totally lost. Confused even when I see some new modern stuff that does not even begin to blow my mind because I really haven’t a clue. Is my ignorance an excuse or am I being lazy because I don’t want to learn about them? Hard to know really isn’t it?  Mean is it that something is of no interest to me and therefore I have no interest in learning about it. So if I have no interest, how on earth did I ever learn anything and why did I ever in the first place? Again my answer has to be I don’t really know.

Necessity perhaps? Ah yes “necessity is the mother of all invention” So when I need something I will then go about my business in learning about it. Right? Our need for some information will make us seek it out and then be in awe of how we didn’t know this before. Why in awe? Because we connect some dots of information and find learning about things quite fun or interesting, only of course when we have found a need for it first though.

Once upon a time we knew even less and learning about things required visits to the library or a heavy box of encyclopaedias. Now we simply have Google. So with all of the information readily available to us at our finger tips, why is it that we do not know everything all of the time?

Ahh I see why I find myself dumb (dumbfounded) it is because I do not have a need for every little piece of information in the world. I think I might be getting it now. I have no need to know what the little rubber piece that sits between the windshield of the car and the outside of the car is made and has been designed to keep the water out while I am driving.



So I do not know what I do not know. Very interesting and why they say ignorance is bliss. I do not have a need to know everything and therefore I can stay as happy as I like. Or is this why people say ignorant people are rude? I it because the not knowing piece means that we can operate in a different way and be rude because we did not know or is it that we did not know any better?

The I don’t know bit comes to mind only because of when I see posts from people on the internet that I have no fffing clue what they are on about. I really do not have a clue.

It is almost like the old smart remark I have used from time to time, “I have forgotten more than you will ever know”, have I really forgotten though? Or did I ever really know in the first place?

I was once a very “brainiac” type of child and was super hungry for information and learning. I actually did quite well when asked to repeat or regurgitate information by way of tests or exams. Then perhaps life and my lane in it became narrow and my wish to forget many things took over. Who wants to know? Who gives a shoot? Who really cares, like really?


So who really does know? Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet, You, Me?


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Where and when?

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