HAPPY IS NOT FOR SALE – Did you know that?

Happy is not for sale, did you know that?

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HAPPY IS NOT FOR SALE – Did you know that?

Why so?

In following on from the “concept” the idea that many will say, right off their tongue – “Money can’t buy you happiness”

Is this true? Or is it just an idea?

It will really depend how your own view of what happy is, wouldn’t it?

Let’s say as an example that I want to have three cars, a weekend SUV (sports utility vehicle). Sports vehicle to carry my surf board, my golf clubs, my hiking gear, my kayak and tent for camping and a few extra supplies. Yeah that is what the sports utility vehicle is for, not just taking up large space on narrow roads or awkward parking spaces. Recreational use type stuff. I want a second car for commuting on a weekly basis and something that is easy to find parking for and is a run of the mill car, 4 door easy to whip around in car. And my third choice is a Sunday drive prestigious model of something or other. Three cars nonetheless. So, I want 3 cars and I have them. I am happy right?

Let’s say I want a house, more than that I want a home and a wife and two point four children and a labradoodle dog. And let’s say that I have them all with me, I am happy right?

Let’s say I want a decent job to pay for all these expenses that I have in my life and let’s just say that I have a cushy number as a job and my salary helps me pay everything and have a little left over for holidays and savings. So I am doing okay and pretty comfortable. I am happy right?

The examples above would apply to an older person, well middle aged at least. How about a younger person or an older person, d they not have wants and desires to make them happy too? Of course they do. So let’s just imagine that whomever you are reading this right now that you have all that you have ever wanted.

Are you happy?

What is happy and does it last?

Money does not buy us happiness because happiness is not for sale. You can buy all the material things you want and still go through a time of unhappy. Makes little or no sense though?

When we begin to understand that our happy is not inside of things and other people, our happy is inside of ourselves. Then we can begin to unlock some of the happy times life will offer us. And these come with no cost, genuine happy is a feeling and an idea, a state of mind and a state of being.

So are you being? Or are you simply human and not the being piece?

Why so many question on the matter anyways?

I find happy in some of the simplest things in life, once upon a time I worked hard in the rat race and enjoyed golf practice in the evenings and started my day with a session surfing (paddling out) we used to call it lol. In those times I was quite happy yes. I still can recall issues would come up and life got difficult at times. I bought the nice cars and thought they were the greatest things ever and was having a blast of a time enjoying everything I could and I found unhappy times right there in the middle of all the money. WOW! Why?

I can recall specifically one day going to purchase a new vehicle and I was buying it with cash. I had a friend drive me to the car shop and I was ready to throw down and buy myself something new and shinny. The car dealership would not take my cash though, yup, they wanted a bank draught or cashiers check or for me to sign up for monthly payments. They said they would have to report the cash purchase to the tax authorities and it would or could become messy. I thought what a mess and I walked out from the dealership. I was walking along the road outside of the dealership with no way home. There were no taxis passing by and I was not in a good area for phone service. Yup, fifty grand in cash in my pocket and walking along the roadside just the same as if I was broke. That day thought me something. Money in my pocket does not matter. I can feel as lonely and shitty as hell whether I have money or not. I was learning a valuable lesson that day. There is no answer by buying things to make me happy. Of course I got home and got a vehicle through another route soon after. I remember how I felt walking on the roadside, I was unhappy!

I also can explain you some of the times I experienced where I would earn good money for certain projects and I was not happy at all. There is no point for me to go on and on about thee kinds of things as I am sure you get the concept, right?

So what is happy? This is a question you gotta ask yourself. Relationships for example, does another person make you happy or are you splitting up with someone because the just don’t make you happy?

To stamp tat one out, no other person has the responsibility to make you happy. That is nonsense. Yes indeed no other people have to be assholes to you or people do not have to be nasty to you of course, basic respect of another human being means we be civil and respectful, right? Though others do not have any responsibility to our happiness. Happiness is a feeling, a state of being so how does another person work their way inside of us and meddle with our emotions and make us unhappy? We allow them to, we become dependent upon them or we keep looking out and we think we are being made happy.

When we realise happy comes from inside of ourselves then we will begin to notice how we can be happy a lot more often and it does not depend on anybody else or any other thing. We do not have to depend on a partner for our happiness; it is upon ourselves if we decide it to be so. We actually make ourselves unhappy more often than not, if truth be told and all that jazz. We fuck it up all by ourselves.

Imagine that!

We do need the approval of others, meaning we dot need to seek out validation or have other people approve of us or to approve of our feelings. Our feelings are ours.

Allow me to be more direct with you, your feelings are yours!

Perhaps a simple exercise will bring it all together a tad simpler. Go to your mirror and stand in front of it and look at yourself. Speak these four sentences to yourself

  1. I make and create my happiness.
  2. I am responsible for my feelings.
  3. Happy is not for, it cannot be bought.
  4. I am worthy of happy in my life.

That right there is a simple daily practice you can add into your life and it is my firm believe you will notice subtle difference occurring in your everyday life. The only way you will know how this work is by giving it a go for a while and see for yourself.

Four sentences above that can help you to change your life. When you figure out that there is no price tag on happy, it is for a reason.

Your dreams will come to you, your possessions will bring comfort and your loved ones will bring to you love. A content life is a happy place especially when we remind ourselves that – HAPPY IS NOT FOR SALE

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