Tuesday Thoughts

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Tuesday Thoughts, what are they, exactly?

A thought for the day, makes sense, doesn’t it?
Perhaps today we will think about the corona virus, at some point in our day. To think that it is possible for the majority of the world could possibly think about the same subject within the same day, wow! Blows the mind a little bit.Has it ever been possible that at any or on any given day that the majority of the world may actually share the same thought? I suppose it would be fair to say that we will not all think of the corona virus in the same way. We will probably think of the corona virus today in as many individual ways as there are individuals.

For once in our lifetime it may actually be possible that the vast majority of the world will consider / think about the same thing, all of us on the same day.
Not because we are bombarded by every media outlet having some portion of their shows mentioning the virus. Even I am talking about it here.
Solely because it is a very real thing and it is happening in our world.

Can I bother you to focus on another thought for the day though?
How awesome would it be that by the power of thought, that we all could think about our own health and well being for just a piece of our day?

For perhaps the first time in our history we are all beginning to understand what anxiety is or what it may be to worry about something about life. We may all be sharing some similar thoughts and for the first time we can find a common ground that we have been slightly nudged in to by the covid situation.

It appears that the general consensus of many countries of the world, that the best solution is, stay indoors and away from people.
Nobody has suggested we turn the switch off on the Internet or anything radical like that. We can still very much communicate with each other. We can still remain connected in all the ways possible.
What might best for all of us right now is to consider ourselves first for a change.
By doing this we actually are putting others first or more like a shoulder to shoulder joint first place.
Keeping our social distance is helping us NOT to spread the virus.
By remaining at home we are securing our place in the world as a person who is not willing to catch the virus and secondly, a person who is NOT willing to spread the virus.

Of course there are essentials to continue our lives.
We must venture out to acquire the essentials that we need to live.
In doing so, we wear a mask. We wear protective gloves and we must make sure we wash our hands when we return home and that we change our clothes.
These are the simple requirements we MUST follow to play our role indivually in containing and bringing about a halt to the virus.

I am aware there will always be the selfish person who will say “screw that, if I am gonna get it, I get it!”
I am also aware that we can not all believe the same thing all of the time. If this were the case politics would not exist as we know them. There will always be a difference of opinion in one form or other.

How about we think a different way.
The virus is outside of my home and if I venture out I stand a chance of catching it.
The virus exists outside of my home and if I remain at home I do not stand a chance of catching it.

This simple view may help some of you make the choice to remain at home this coming weekend.

I would not like to catch it and I would not like to spread it.

This is a time that we can use in our lives to form some new habits. Learning how to stay at home and be by ourselves. Learning to become comfortable with our thoughts and our feelings. We can create a zen feeling inside of our own home by allowing peace and quiet in.
Allowing peace not just into our home, into our minds and our emotional self.

Remain at home.
Try and find peace, to be calm.
Use our time right now to fully unwind.
Get ready for when the world opens up again and be the greater person. The person you have always been.
The perfect you.

These are possible thoughts to have while we remain on lock down. Which is of course is a course of action to help save lives.

Well done you for staying st home.
Well done.

A little stay at home recommended reading, help ya occupy the mind.

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