Monday Motivation

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Monday Motivation ~ Life today

Monday motivation, the great two words to begin any week off.
Mind you, let’s be fair. Monday is not what it used to be, Wednesday afternoon feels like Monday these past few weeks.

Lock down is a hard thing to cope with for even the free spirited. How have you been doing with the whole corona virus thing?

A continuous cycle of motivation is required during these times. Why wait for Monday to come along?
Is it week 6 or week 7? Who the heck knows anymore. Each day has been bleeding into the next. The daily activities have been focused around what is going to be cooked today and what is going to be a snack.
How can we find a level of motivation that can keep us going through another week of lock down?

What I have found and what I have written about it in my book, Layman’s Handbook.IMG_20190903_165732
This book is about taking a little time to review and basically, bring about a little pause in our lives. In doing so we can find a little time to do some introductory meditation techniques. Slowing down our mind is probably the most valuable exercise I have ever learned.

It is not only to slow our mind, because, of course yes, what then? What can we do when we use our time right now to slow it all down?

The universe has brought about a forced stop on a massive majority of the human race right now.
By bringing our minds to a point of slow down, we can focus a little more clearly on some of the more basic elements of our lives.
Breaking it all down to basics is the chance we have been crying out for in our life.
Look at the words I am writing, even here;

Slow down

So where does this all align with motivation?

Bringing our mind to a slow down pace will allow us to focus on some of the basics. Clearing our mind and doing so while breathing, slowly & steadily through meditation, this can allow us to focus on our breath, though more importantly are the little murmurs of feelings that begin to occur.

This alignment process which can take about 10 minutes out of your day. Bringing the mind from, let’s say far left field & the emotions from, again let’s say far right field. It is the bringing into line of these two items of our being that will boost us beyond anywhere we have ever dreamed.
We can take full control over our lives, we can grow to a great new height of achievement.
But how?

The universe is always speaking to us. Through friends and their advice. Through Chakras and auras, the lights of another human being and our own light that we shine on other people.
The universe has or shall we say, is, telling us all that a slow down is needed.
Can we be intuitive enough to recognize what it is within our own lives that we must use this time for?

Try some exercises during your time at home. Try some breathing exercises. Bring about a point of focus in your mind. Focus on some of the simple basic aspects of life. The trees and how they grow for example. Enjoy the feelings that occur for you. Allow yourself to BE.

Your motivation to do this?
The changes that can occur in your life and your own way of being. These are changes that you will value for ever.
Bringing about times of pause into your daily life is something you CAN do & very easily.

Should you wish to bring about your highest levels of achievement or perhaps a little piece more contentment into your daily life.
It is this that is your motivation. Your motivation is to use this time of slow down to practice more and more slow down in your own personal life.

The results are not overnight and possibly not some fantastic name in lights type situation. Definitely not immediately. The immediate results are how on “top of your game” you will be.
Whether you are a home maker or a go get em sales person. From any level that you find yourself at in life.
A great way to maximize performance. Enjoy every aspect of everything you do & LOVE LIFE.
These are your motivations to begin. Begin what I subtitled the book Layman’s Handbook, “A journey to SELF”. Self stands for,

This journey to self is all about using simple techniques and taking the angle of view on 1157-130life, that it is all really possible. Nothing is beyond you. You can achieve all that you desire.
The “simple tools to change how we live” are all covered in the itemized chapters of the book.

Take advantage of this time the universe has offered us. Begin self help today.
Become motivated daily in your life.
And as a very clear sign/signal this corona virus is telling us,

how important it is right now to


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