Monday Motivation ~ Where do I begin ?

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Monday Motivation ~ Where do I begin?

Monday will always be Monday, of this we can be certain.
Will we always feel like starting a new week though?
For many during the pandemic and the lock down that has followed, the Monday factor may have become lost, a little.


The actually facts of the matter, it does not matter whether or not it is a Monday, a Wednesday or even a Saturday that can be the starting point to your week.
Some of us work jobs where we get Tuesday & Wednesday off and for this reason people in these types of jobs will often refer to Friday as “This is My Monday”.
A phrase we have all become accustomed to as the beginning of our week is always a place we view as a beginning.
So Monday it is then.
How can we motivate ourselves into getting the right attitude for the week ahead.
The Monday blues for example, another something we have become very used to in the world we call ours.
Monday sure has a bunch of stuff going on for it for sure.


I raise the issue as I have heard several times from many different walks of life,

“Where do I begin?”

For this there is no real secret.
It is often in times when we are using the question of “where” that there is an indication that we are unsure of a “place”. In this case it is a starting point. Where do I begin?
The beginning is the answer & I am certain that there is no big let down over this declaration as we all know it anyway.
We may still feel that we cannot identify the beginning place and our question still remains


The beginning is the moment that you begin to take action towards whatever it is that you see as the necessary that needs to be done.
It does not have to be a Monday precisely. The moment that you find yourself saying that you “must” do something and you begin, then that is the beginning.


During the pandemic, Monday may have lost it’s impact and it’s beginning of the week feel, as many of us are out of jobs or not in usual routine anymore. Our new “normal” has been forming over the past 10 to 12 weeks or so.
Though we may not have tackled any of the key issues that we swore to ourselves that we would, we can always begin them today.
What could they be?

*Too much time at home and the garden
needs taking care of?

*Perhaps a little bit of painting we could have
done inside of our homes?

*Maybe even a little work on ourselves?

We could have been putting so much stuff on the long finger that it has been niggling away slightly over the course of the lock down.

You have heard such things before as, “There is no time like the present”.
You have also heard sayings such as, “A change is as good as a rest”.


In those two items or sayings above, there are our answers.
There is no time like now for beginning anything.
The fears or reasons we have pretended to ourselves for a long time now, have only served as to get in the way and prolong us beginning.
The NOW of today is a great place to Begin.

Making any kind of change to our routine, to our home or to ourselves can seem like some great big daunting issue. Though the age old saying has told us how “a change is as good as a rest”. We could actually feel rested from beginning on something new?
Then what is holding us back?
We did not want to make ourselves tired or did not want to take on something new until we were certain that we could manage within all levels of ourselves and our lives. This has always made sense to us so we used an excuse of never beginning as we are comfortable to remain as we are.

Here are a few topics or issues we may have kept away from by telling ourselves some kinds of excuses.

Weight Loss.
Emotional well being.
Mental health issues.

Why do we make excuses to hide from these?
More than likely because we have fear of change.
The same “change” that can bring to our lives a great feeling of being rested. Making such changes can bring about new energy. Making changes can bring about new life and a new perspective.

Everybody and anybody experiences such kinds of things like, making excuses to ourselves.
Many people stay quite some time “stuck” in a place where they feel they cannot BEGIN.

The beauty lies in when we grow to a simple place of understanding that the

Here & Now

Are the greatest places to find ourselves.

What ever your issue is, you CAN accomplish it and all that you needed was a little reassuring that it is okay to not be sure and not knowing where to start.

You can also take comfort in knowing that everybody finds themselves in similar positions from time to time on many different issues.
All ya have to do is BEGIN and do so from the BEGINNING.


Today I will BEGIN _____________________.

Fill in the blank with whatever your own issue is.
Repeat a few times to yourself and see how it feels.
That is all it is going to take.

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I have found great strength and uplifting moments in my own life by knowing 2 simple things.
Where & When to BEGIN.

Good luck this week and Happy Monday to you all.

IMG_20190215_014356   @TWOsonsTOOmany.

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