Energy, feelings, tired ~ FRIDAY FEELINGS

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The end of the week has arrived. The weekend of rest and relaxation lies ahead.
What will one do this weekend?

During corona times, how does anyone know whether it is midweek, weekend or even Monday all day everyday?

What will you do this weekend?

Fewer and fewer places to go or things to do. One does not want to catch any lurking viruses nor sit at home again and again. Though one needs a release and some activity to cope with lock~down and virus life.

A stay~cation is great to get a change of scenery and a little picker upper dose, maybe even only for a Saturday drive somewhere for a spot of lunch.

The tiniest of changes in scenery can bring about a relaxation. A feel good vibe for example. After all you have made it through another week. Life is a little different due to corona and so for this reason perhaps to simplify the weekend might just be a beautiful way to spend your time.
Friday Feeling of tired from the Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and a hint of excitement for the weekend ahead.

I need energy though!

This could very well be your feeling on a Friday. So to this I have a little hint also for ya.
Take 20 minutes of your entire life and unwind. Sit back and listen to some of your favourite music. Take some tea and put your feet up. Only 20 minutes from your entire life will bring about a shift in your emotions and allow your whole body catch back up with itself.

Head into the weekend fresh, head away on your Saturday and enjoy it.
I as an author of books do indeed push to you the option of spending Saturday reading a book. I mention the whole day like this as I have heard that if you start reading one of my books you will want to keep going and not put it down once you get started.

“Oh my God, where will I get that kind of time?”

I hear you asking this, just like the 20 minutes on Friday to allow your feelings and energy get back in line with each other.

The book for you this weekend and every weekend.

Layman’s Handbook, in life.
Simple tools to change how we live. IMG_20190903_165732

A beginners guide to looking in to meditation methods to help us relax. A guide book to help drag ourselves out from despair and depression. A few tidbits of how to calm oneself down enough to begin to be able to deal with anxiety. There are several pointers and little helping anecdotes to guide you to gaining an ability to learn how to make time for yourself. Self care and self love are keys to beginning to find ways to relax.
When we relax we begin to become content, these are the beginnings to happy feelings and beautiful weekends.

Link provided directly to the book, get your copy today and start enjoying your Friday feelings.

Happy weekend to you.


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