Overcome, Change, Adapt ~ Life (fears)

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Overcome, Change, Adapt ~ Life (fears)

2 thousand & twenty, what a year.
A pandemic rages like the wildfires. The fire eventually burns out, some lose their homes while others lose their pets. The pandemic though? Sheesh!
Many lose a loved one. This is sad.For all of the rest of the world, new fears. Fear that we might catch it.
Fears that, are the schools going to be safe?
Fears that, the person next to me in a shop might have it.
Fears that public transport & vacations could be where I will definitely catch it.
Fears that, my government has no clue how to handle it.
Fears that, tourists automatically carry “the plague”.
Fears that, handshakes and hugs are a thing of the past.

There have been times in my own life that when someone offered their hand to me to shake as a greeting, I would not do the, “shake hands” thing. I would simply make a comment with a smile / smirk, “I don’t know where that has been”. Laugh it off and not shake their hand. I always did it with a half an idea of the fact that this is how disease spreads. Today in 2020, I am more clear about this now.

So how the heck does a population overcome the fears, adapt to the situation & change life as we know it?

All scary words that many have avoided for centuries. The concept of “CHANGE” has always been branded as something fearful,
“I fear change”
The idea of “OVERCOME” has always been branded as some sort of struggle.
“we will fight & we will overcome”
The exact same goes for how to “ADAPT”

Somewhere along the development of the English language in sync with population evolving, these words have become fearful words.
My suggestion to you, when you change your words and how you use them ~ you can change how you react and how you live.

We can alter things slightly or “flip the script”, we can introduce ideas into how we view things and we can use our very powerful minds to completely transform how we see things.
Why would we bother to do this?
The simple answer is that we can begin to bring about a happier, calmer, more content person inside of ourselves.
Some will say “I fear change”
Flip the script.
Some will now say “I welcome change”
Changing one simple word in how we view a change in our lives can be more than powerful in developing a life strategy to aid in adapting to this new world and new life.
It really is that simple. Replacing one simple word in how we tell ourselves things.

Another example of replacing words in how we talk to ourselves.
I must overcome; to, I will overcome.
This makes it a more easier task. Simply by replacing the word “must” with “will”. By telling myself I will overcome makes it a fact in my life. Telling myself I must makes a difficult task.

These are simple examples of how we can change our words inside of our mind. What we can actually achieve is perhaps even beyond comprehension at the moment.
How do I know these things?

Through my own life I have had to alter course a few times. Each time I had many questions and for me it all seemed to be too difficult to struggle and continue.
What I did not know at the time was that I was developing a strategy inside of myself of mindfulness. I did not know that is what it was called. Out of complete necessity I had to break life down to the most basic I could.
Inside of myself I needed to remind myself and begin to learn and teach myself that what is our most basic need.
I needed to breathe, without breath I would die. Add on to this that I needed food and I needed rest.
Through practising these basics needs for a few days, perhaps over the course of 1 whole month, changes began happening inside of myself.
I could see things clearer, I began to see answers where questions used to be. The will to live and the ability to smile returned. I was becoming mindful of my thoughts and how I felt, these helped me identify the negative thoughts and the fears. By replacing tiny little words inside of my mind on how I saw situations and the events of the past helped me rebuild to a stronger human, who now could be happy within change. I became content with having to adapt to life. The ability to overcome has proven to be not that much hassle at all.
Sounds easy doesn’t it?

What I have learned is that it really is quite simple. Practicing the way in which we use our words inside of our own lives can bring us the ability to
Overcome, Adapt & Change.
These are things that do not require us to introduce or continue in believing in the beautiful concept that society seduces us with of how these things are 1.difficult 2.fearful 3.struggle
All ya have to do is change the way in which you use your words inside of your mind.
I welcome change.
I will overcome.
I find it easy to adapt.

That is it, simply strategy for a content life. The easy and simple way to manage your mind amid pandemic.

I have devoted some chapters to our use of words in Layman’s Handbook.
You can get this book on KU (ebook) or in paperback from amazon.
The title in full
Layman’s Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live.
A journey to SELF.
The letters of self standing for Suceeed, Elevate, Live Free.
The 27 chapters did not occur by mistake (insert smiley face here)

Enjoy your own journey with a little helping Handbook. Bring about your own ability to help “flip the script” in how you bring about transformation to how you use the words that you talk to yourself with inside of your mind.
Change in the words we use inside of our very private mind can transform even the most difficult situation.

You can give it a try and find many IMG_20191012_124555great new ideas with Layman’s Handbook.
An easy search can find it for you in your country.
Layman’s Handbook by Aidan Mc Nally.

When you give it a whirl, I will be right here to hear how you got on.
Have a great week.

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