Frontline-staff, essential workers ~ & YOU

Essential workers, front line staff & then there is the rest if us. Thoughts.

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The covid pandemic has really done a number on the world, hasn’t it?
Like holy flipping cow, already, right?

In order to travel during lockdowns you must be essential. Your journey must be “essential travel”. To go to work your job has to be consider “essential work”.

These types of work are regularly referred to as “frontline workers” or “frontline staff”. So the front line stuff sounds like war, as that is where it came from. The essential piece though?
During our current lockdown which has been at level 5 for quite some time, essential business are the only places that are open. Non-essential businesses are all closed and this makes up for a lot of businesses let me tell ya.

If I am to look at all of the people who are out of work and all of the businesses that are deemed essential and non-essential, well it just looks like we have all ( majority of us) have been living some very non-essential lives.
Imagine, a virus takes over the world, in this case corona virus and a whole bunch of people who are not infected with the virus learn of how non-essential their life has been.

What is the most deadly part of covid-19?

Yes, many people have died from the deadly virus. For this I offer sympathies to all who have lost a loved one to corona virus.

For all of the rest who have not and who have been deemed non-essential. I feel for you too.
Is the corona virus more deadly in how it has killed people of the world
Is corona virus more deadly in how each of the countries authorities have dealt with the pandemic. The corona virus has been the direct cause of how our governments have reacted to the issue, “problem”.
To tell a nation of people, any country, that they are non-essential. That is a tough stance to take and an even tougher position for any person to find themselves in.
Since when did any government have the right under their constitution to deem their citizens “non-essential”.
Your work is non-essential so stay at home.
You are non-essential so stay at home.
Is this the more deadly part of the pandemic?

This is some serious stuff folks.
Nope I am not pointing a finger at you to highlight the non-essential nature of your life right now. I am attempting to highlight how being non-essential as a person and finding out you have a non-essential life may have some very long term, lasting effects.

Finding your “essentialness” right now could be a difficult thing to achieve.
Prior to covid-19 many people carried burdens in the form of anxiety on a day to day basis trying to prove their worth in the world. Now in our modern world, the labels of “non-essential” may very well be adding to the over anxious nature of life.

Prior to covid-19 many people walked through each and every day with depression and have had difficulty in being involved in society. Many friends and doctors and therapists have been working with people to make progress in getting someone “out of the house”. Covid has been a great help as now during lockdown every person is being advised to stay at home and only come out for “essentials”.

I write today to tell you that
YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, no virus is going to determine this for you. No government is going to decide your worth in this world.

I write today to tell you that
YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, no job is going to determine what you are worth, “frontline” or not.

I write today to tell you that
YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, you may not have found your position to play just yet, in the big game of life.

I write today to tell you that
YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, in everything you do. How you plan and play and play and plan.

I write today to tell you that
YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, in raising your children and every inch of their lives.

I write today to tell you that
YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, as the world needs many different perspectives and different opinions all of the time.

I write today to tell you that
YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, just like from the very first day you were born. You make up this world right now and have full rights to it and in it.

You are essential in this game of life today in 2021. There is no lockdown, pandemic virus or government office that is going to decide your worth.

These are your decisions in life to decide.
Take em & own em.

Read, Layman’s Handbook by Aidan Mc Nally.

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