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When your politicians hand over the helm to scientists. Oh boy !

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Open all business.
The guidelines are out there.
Guidelines are not RULES

Everybody is fully aware of the health fanatics advice.

I am rebellious ever since I can remember though I have calmed the rebel in me over the years. I do not call upon you to rebel. I have learned that there is always a much easier way when we activate our own minds and begin to THINK FOR OURSELVES.

Open everything and quit punishing people who have given up so much.

Bankruptcy, mortgage arrears, mind bending lockdown, self confidence, the list goes on and on.
Too much for a nation already.
The information is out there for people to abide by.

The next step is open everything up. Continue all incoming travellers to have a negative test prior to arrival and test again when here.

Wash, santise, keep distance, don’t mix, wear masks.

Great, now let’s s open the country.

The people who have been calling the shots are the same people that live this kind of isolated lockdown life every year anyway. It is nothing new to them. Ever since their college days studying science.
These are the people now running a country, the people who eat an apple with a knife, a sterilised knife mind you.
The one’s who always pack a rain coat or an umberella.
The ones who never eat at restaraunts.
The one’s who all of their life have never swam in a public pool.
The one’s who never take the bus or train.

They, typically since their college days have shopped at night when less people are at the shop. They walk the street making sure to never breathe in when stepping over a manhole cover.
They step over the lines in the path because the must walk on a solid surface.
They never use a public toilet.
They have always carried hand sanitizer.

You know the ones.
Yup they are the demented, deranged science geeks running the country.

Economics was never part of their science classes.
Psychology was never part of their disease control classes.
They have spent a life studying data and scientific facts. None of which has any extent of foresight. It is all based on analysing data from an event that has happened.

The science geeks are running the country in to the ground.

Politicians on the other hand.
They never attended a science class.
Polticians on the other hand have no clue about micro managing and have handed it all over to the geeks and defer to their better judgement.

Do I apologise, do I clarify my statements with “I’m sorry but”?
I’m sorry but, hiding from the pandemic is NOT an answer.

We cannot hide from priests and sex scandals.
We cannot hide from child abuse, sealed cases for 75 years.
We cannot hide from the head of the government doing personal favours and leaking confidential documents.

We cannot hide and believe to be progressive and forward thinking is to change everything, nonsense. And take every opportunity to make changes, “just cause” and give the run of the country over to paranoid science geeks who collectively call themselves “immunologists”.

Politicians who believe in hiding every scandal known to mankind.
Politicians who somehow have followed a path of belief that says “whatever Europe says that we do – we do and then bullshit the people of the country of why we sold out”.

Politicians who possess no back bone.
Politicians who believe a million euro is a fair price for a printer and 497 billion is a fair price for a children’s hospital.
Politicians who believe 400k euro is a fair price to change a light bulb on the spire.

Politicians who believe it is okay to run a media campaign of 1 and half million euros for their own ego.

Politicians who believe that science geeks must know better because in college they were the “chess club”, so they must be smart.
Politicians who think they deserve large paychecks, just because.
Polticians who shudder and shriek in their shoes when the word ACCOUNTABILITY is mentioned.
Politicians who believe a failed health system is a justification to pay a ceo 412k euro.
Politicians who believe citizens of our country should be homeless.
Politicians who believe a “police state” could be a good thing.

Politicians who side step and manipulate legal jargon to continue wrong doing.

Politicians who believe it better to open a new department or new office to handle the oversight. Rather than doing the regulation and work thenselves

Your only answer is to demand of your political body to quit handing the running of a country over to the non qualified.
Follow all the guidelines and remember they are not rules.

The Irish government is an entity that can be sued for failure to follow and uphold the Irish constitution. There are no special covid measures that can change our constitution. The current government and the previous government have not followed the constitution of Ireland.

Please remember one thing,

You make your rules as it is your life.


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