STRENGTH ~ Body, Mind, Spirit

New you 4 twenty two
Build strength of Body, Mind d Spirit

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The new you for 22.
Here it comes, the new year and many are making resolutions and commitments to gym memberships. Working on the healthy side of losing weight and building muscle. Great ideas and what better way to spend the beginning of the new year. I love the slogan of NEW YOU ~ 4 TWENTY TWO 😊

Let’s talk about the other parts of ourselves for a moment, the other pieces that make up who we are. The BODY will be the part of ourselves that we can tone and build muscle with our beautiful gym membership.
The MIND is another important muscle of ours. A very important piece of who we are that needs plenty of exercising too. What will we do for out mind?
I offer to you my international award winning book Layman’s Handbook in life, the subtitle ~ Simple Tools to change how we live. This is a guide book to offer assistance and help in finding things that work for mind exercise. A path to being content and at peace and as the remainder of the subtitle states “A journey to SELF”.
I mention the award winning of the book as I won an award on the international stage for 2021 for this book in the category of Mind, Body & Spirit. What better way to begin the new year? Treat yourself to a simple investment in self. Exercising your mind can work some magic and keep you motivated with the gym workout while you are at it too.

SPIRIT, what can we do for our spirit? I normally blaze my own trail and have always learned from my own experiences. Funny thing that, I have always said to myself “a clever person learns from his mistakes ~ a wise person learns from the mistakes of others”. So which are you?
As I was saying for my spirit, for our spirit and for the process of building strength of self in all areas of BODY ~ MIND & SPIRIT, I have aligned myself with a tremendous group of people that I stumbled upon on the internet. A group where chatting and discussing mindset is to the fore.
The group is called Our Mindset and you can find the group on the social media app called clubhouse. Listening in and taking part in discussions and masterclasses in self, mindset, financial improvement, spirit and an all around wealth of knowledge and wisdom is shared on a daily basis. Well worth the visit to listen in and learn, participate and improve your spirit, improve your mind and improve your life.

Strength of character.
Strength of body.
Strength of mind.
Strength of spirit.

Above, I have mentioned 3 simple steps, let’s recap

  1. Gym membership to improve body.
  2. Layman’s Handbook in life to improve mind and attitude
  3. Our Mindset group on clubhouse to improve your situation.

Perhaps you remain sceptical and cannot see that investing 5 bucks in buying a “self help” book is of any use to you?
Perhaps you think reading and learning is not for you. 5 bucks spent on self is too much? Let that sink in for a moment.
How about downloadong a social media app where you can join an international group of people who are fine tuning their lives on a daily basis and will share the conversation with you, oh wait a minute! Social media to you is better spent browsing facebook and seeing what your friends have been up to for the weekend? I have never seen facebook or instagram to be of any benefit in life other than to sell books. Let that sink in for a while too 😊

The tools are out there folks. I write this blog post 1 day before new years eve, sitting in 30 degree weather in paradise. How did all this come about?
Read the post again, you may see the trail I am pointing out to you.
Remember the slogan.
The NEW YOU ~ 4 22.


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