This year of 22 ~ Is for me & YOU

A poem for your day, happy new year 2022

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We have all endured so much through the pandemic, yes some more than others.
Some of us went through hell and lost our jobs, some suffered quietly through lockdowns, some buried loved ones and some of us tip toed along the lines of losing our mind.

What is so interesting about these past 2 years and so wonderful about the year ahead?
You have survived all that nature and governments have thrown at you. You are here now reading this. This is a massive achievement and deserves recognition. Take a moment and enjoy this minute in time to acknowledge your continued perseverance through thick and thin.

I come from a position of understanding hardships that life can throw our way. I remember writing during the first lockdown about which was worse, to be locked down or locked up? And it was really about a thought of how it does not matter which as it all depends on our attitude, whether or not the things that happen around us are allowed in to our inner deeper realms of self. Things, situations, people & occurrences in our lives will contonue each and every day. The beauty of it all is that we are permitted opportunities every day to allow these things outside of ourselves to enter and bring about upset or cause instability to our life. We have the power to choose to allow these things have such effect or NOT.

You are here now, this is what is important, you are alive and have survived.
For your thoughts today for our year ahead,

This year of twenty two
A year for me & you.

Achievements, goals atop
the highest mountain.
Return of our youth &
drink from it’s fountain.

This year of twenty two
A year for me & you.

Our sights and plans of future
Allow the strings
held tight unravel.

This year of 22
Is for sure for me & you.

Emotional hurt with depth
of pain
Our lessons to learn for
our lives to gain.

This year of twenty two
A year for me & you.

Walk in a park, the beach
nature all around
To win in your hustle
A dollar, Euro or pound

The year of 22
The year for me & you

Seasons come and go and days
will pass by
The lows so necessary
to enjoy the next high
We learn as we grow and
enjoy each day
Repeat with me
let me hear you say



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