The POWER …..

Where o where does it come form?

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Of love!
Of choice!
Of suggestion!
Of the mind!
Of a word!
Yes indeed the list goes on & on.
The real power and I write this for you today.

It is not from outside that we gain strength nor is it from friends & family, though these are quite nice to have around.
It is within you.

Yup, you!
Why mention this today?
Over the years I have received feedback from readers. Some of you have read my books and others my blog posts, some of you have been readers of my random facebook posts or tweets even. For all of this support to my writing career, I am deeply thankful to you all.
Over the years and the feedback, ah yes, that is where we were.
I have noticed that there have been many replies to some of my internet posts that read something like these below,
~ Thank you for your post
~ I needed to hear that today
~ So much sense, thank you
~ You do not know how much this means for me today
~ Just what I needed to hear today

These are the reasons that I say I write this post for you today. We may not know each other “yet” or we may know each other very well. I write what pops into my head on this blog, as it is titled “random thoughts”. And I write it for me just as much I do for you.

Ya see, there are days that happen when I need a reminder too, I may need a little time to reflect. You know those kind of pep talks that we give to ourselves, yes those. I am reminded and reminding myself today that the power of strength in our lives comes from the inside. The power within.
How about if I write it out a little differently ~ The power within YOU!
Does it hit home, make more sense now?

I know “you got this” I am also quite confident that “all will be fine”. Easy little tidbits to write and say, much harder to absorb and fully believe, right?

The power within you is miraculous.
The power within you is unstoppable.
The power within you is unmatched.
The power within you is strength.

Stronger than you may believe right now.
I hope you see fit to repeat those 4 sentences above, a few times or more lol.

How can I be so sure though?

I have lived through some wonderul times in my life and I have undergone drastic changes in my life too. I have lived through some of the unimaginable, both good and horrid experiences. What these experiences have given to me has been a road map to finding my own power from within. My own strength, if you like. For this reason I can be confident that you too have the same capabilites as me. You have the strength you need to overcome and adapt to whatever it is that you are facing today.
It is not me you have to trust, as in, trust my words. It is trust in the belief that inside of you there is enough strength and power to carry you through. Have faith, have confidence & believe in the power within you.
Please do remind yourself, just like I do.
The power within me and all of my strength comes from me.

For all of my books and the reasons behind how I can post this blog post with certainty, check me out on amazon
Aidan Mc Nally


Have a wondeful rest of your week

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