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How easy is it to program my mind?

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What part do we play in this big “Game of LIFE”?
Yes, you are correct. I am writing this blog piece right now and think of how we are all affected or effected or infected, you can decide which one you are, as I can only speak for myself.

Currently I am infected with some disease of contagious nature or other. Covid 47 it must be known as by now, right?
Jokes aside though. I am writing this and you are reading this piece. Same blog post, just two different angles of what is going on with it.
Why so?

I am also affected by how I do and what I say and to be more effective, I write.
The challenge for me is whether or not I can make the same point and as simply by writing it out, as simply as I could speak it out. Already you have become bored as I have said nothing and there are too many words, like “enough already”.

Without the hand gestures and the facial expressions, lacking for tone of voice my point becomes more difficult to explain. So I need to become more effective in my writing, right?

For me as I am writing right now, I have said so much and to anyone who wishes to comment “I got it” or “Oh yeah, I see already”. Go for it, comment now.

For all for all of the rest of us, perhaps we keep going a little more. Again being aware that means, me writing and you reading.

They say to have a good blog post, make it interesting, entice the reader to keep going, make it so that the reader cannot wait to get to the next piece. What do ya reckon? Ya wanna get deeper and take a real look?

The paradigm, the narrative, the influence the internet has over us and the bloggers and the social media posts and the daily schiznit that is happening all around of us each and every day.
The question I pose to you is………..
ask yourself, What part do I play in this?

Psychological marketing and subliminal messages have been bombarding us for years. Yes, influencing our decisions on what we purchase and how we live. We have become immune to noticing and believe for the most part that we come up with all of our own ideas, all by ourselves, We have just become deaf to the signs, blind to the constant marketing that goes on.
I do not wish to harp on about how we consume everything on a constant basis though. I wish to draw your attention to SELF. Yes you and me, ourselves, OUR SELF’S.

What are the subliminal type messages you are telling yourself?
How are you contributing to the narrative that is playing out in your own life?
How are you influencing your own decisions?

Yes, I am aware that many can become offended by the idea that they might be kind of a follower or a “slave” to the trends of today. Do not worry, millions of people own i phones too. (Not a jab at i phone users at all)
The point being that we contribute to our own misery and to our own happiness. It is not because our government has decided to enforce some laws or over turn some laws. It is not because the marketers are winning and we feel empty inside so we must impulse shop the hell out of the internet on “prime day”.

Nope and nope again. We have such incredible systems and computer type hard drives inside of our very own minds that, what we say to ourselves and by how we replay things to ourselves, we set the tone.

How is this so?
I believe a chapter inside of my book, Layman’s Handbook in life, has clearly pointed out some simple ways in which we do these things and some simple remedies to become your own programmer so as to program yourself the exact way you want to be.
(See what I did there? I introduced one of my books. Marketing,, right?)

Of course, I want you to enjoy this book of mine and benefit your life by finding out some “simple tools to change how we live”.

So here is a thought I would ask you to consider.
How do we wake up without our alarm clock when it is the day we are heading on vacation? How come we need an alarm clock at all to wake up?
People sure do have some fancy alarm clocks too. Maybe a little less nowadays that we have cell phones. Setting of alarms still continues nonetheless.
So how does this happen?
How come when we fall asleep while whispering to a new born baby, as we wish for them to sleep and it is only six o clock in the evening. How is it that we fall asleep too and never just doze right off and forget that the newborn baby is right beside of us? Without extra pillows or cushions or without any precautions taken, yet we do not roll over and crush our baby? We wake right up and almost jump up, though ever so silent cause we know straight out of sleep mode not to wake the baby. Fully alert before we even wake.

Odd isn’t it?
Strange perhaps?

Many books have been written on the subjects of how to manifest things into our own lives. Layman’s Handbook does touch on the manifestation a little, though not heavily focused in that direction. When I was writing Layman’s Handbook in life, I used to make some jokes with my dear friend, they went something like this.
He says “I was thinking about how people go nuts with road rage”
My reply, “There is a chapter for that” in the “there is an app for that tone”. Basically any discussion that came for quite some time, I always replied “There is a chapter for that”.

Back to the narrative and paradigm and influence though.
Whatever you subscribe to is how you will see it.
How about like this instead. Whatever you believe in is how it is going to be.
What I tell myself is how my day will go.

SELF TALK is the single most important influence, narrative and paradigm setting element of our own lives.
Self talk in a negative tone can be compounded by all that society has to bring up each and everyday.
How so?
Here is a simple word “back”. That is all a simple word.
We hear things like “back in the day” “feedback” “setback” “playback” “back up plan” for the soldiers reading, we gonna “getback on the getback”.
The list really does go on and on.
“I want my figure back” “I want my life back” “If they don’t fit I can always bring them back” “Will I get my money back?”.
You can probably think of a few dozen more easily yourself.
“Payback is a bitch” “I’ll get my own back..”.

So what do these do? A few simple uses of the word “back”.
They are programming us to think back, yes “think back”. Programming ourselves to be in a place that is not in the present. Programming ourselves to hear back, back, back, back, back…..
Just like how we program ourselves to wake up early to head for the airport on time when it is our time to go on holiday, no alarm clock needed. Exactly the same way we have programmed ourselves to “Take care of the baby”. We precondition ourselves by telling ourselves.
We tell ourselves things all of the time.

Here is it how it can be used in a way in which we become satisfied, happy and content.
We begin a simple practice of understanding what it is that we are telling ourselves and we begin to change our lives into exactly how we want them to be. We can make a simple task for this week.
In all of our self talk this week we are going to remove three words from our vocabulary.
So, that means no more responding or speaking with those three words.

When you make a conscious decision to remove simple words from your vocabulary, you will see amazing transformations in your own life.
I am aware many of you who read this will not make the alterations and so you will not notice any changes.
Those of you who do and do so with intent and purpose will see.

Changing the narrative and the paradigm as you understand it is the most simple exercise you can do.
Become your number one influence.

Perhaps you do not believe me..

There ya go a simple mind hack and life changing strategy for ya in a weekend read of a blog. You must have been looking for a tool right now to be even here.
I end with a wink wink and a thumbs up to you.
Thank you.
Leave your comments below. I can wait, I will check back and see, I am confident of the massive power our words have over us and the huge differences that can occur in our lives once you begin.

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