Been a while – New post

To quit or not to QUIT?


A new one alright! Sheeeesh!

My original blog post in mind had the title of “It is okay to quit, simply never give up”

There are many “gurus” out there bringing you content of ….”Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win”. This is quite good advice to motivate and inspire you to stay the course and of course, accomplish your goals. The reason I wish to elaborate with you or for you is to determine the difference. My own motto to live by or slogan for my writing career and life in general is to “Never Give Up!”

And now, for the differences.

I write for you about this to help ease the pressure you may put yourself under when thinking about never quitting. There are many times quitting can be good for you.

1. Quitting smoking.

2. Quitting bad relationships.

3. Quitting where you get your news source.

4. Quitting your unnecessary subscriptions.

5. Quitting circle of friends and family members.

Let’s take a look at number 2 and 3. Where am I spending my time and where am I being influenced by? Whom am I spending my time with? So they actually come down to the same question to ask ourselves. Am I allowing myself to continue a pathway of the same ‘ol same ‘ol and am I really and truly benefiting myself and working towards my goals and my dreams? Am I staying true to myself and am I being focussed enough to know when to QUIT the negative and abusive relationships? Am I focussed enough to know when I am being distracted by side shows of outside influence which is only aiding in keeping me stuck? Ah-ha moments of realising that there are certain things in my life I will quit in order to further advance my life and me on my pathway to goals and the vision I have created for myself of where I want to be.

This then tells me that is totally okay to quit.

Remember of course my own motto “Never Give Up!” Never give up on your own journey. Never giving up on where you see yourself, never giving up on your vision. There may be many people you will have to quit in order to achieve the greater heights. Sometime it could be as simple as “they do not have the same extent in their vision” and so will never be able to be part of your life when you get there.

Number 4 and 5 are about money and social circles mainly. It really is the same as when thinking of relationships with people. Some people do not get it. It is okay, they may even be a family member. You do not stop loving someone that is part of your family or even a close friend, think of the hot air balloon, one must cut the sand bags free in order for it to soar high above the ground.

Cancelling subscriptions to monthly services means a new opportunity arises where you begin paying your self first on a monthly basis. My good friend on clubhouse Manny Fernandez (founder of “Our mindset”) will always repeat the same message. “Stop paying all the other companies that you do not need in your life first, start paying yourself”. Point being, imagine for a moment that a couple of monthly subscriptions that you have that you do not actually need add up to 80 or 120 per month. Pay this money to yourself and by year end you have 1000 for yourself, perhaps even more.

There are many great ways in here how to mention the great mind of Manny Fernandez. I suggest you check him out and join the club on clubhouse “Our Mindset” and find out for yourself why it is one of the fastest growing global communities right now.

The paying of monthly subscriptions means you are paying out money that you could be using to educate yourself in the area of your own dream life and paying subscription to yourself to further and better yourself along your desired journey.

I am going to quit writing to you now, this is a good thing. I have devoted one hour of my Sunday afternoon to provoke a thought inside of you. This is why I write. To simply inspire others to think for them self, yes YOU. Do I wish for to follow me and all these great things and subscribe to my monthly billing of you? No! Share my blog post, buy a copy of any of my books on Amazon and have a read why I write. I aspire to inspire. Never to give up on knowing that you are out there reading this and you deserve my time. I can quit this now though and it is totally fine. What I will never do is give up though.


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