Determination – Long word, amazing results!

What a difference a few words can make to start of our day.


Determination – Long word, amazing results!

How determined are you? Is to be determined stubborn? What does determination mean to you?

Simply questions for me to write, are they a easy to answer though?

I always think back on the song by Rhianna, Umbrella. Why so, you might ask. There was a lyric in it that said something or other about “gonna stick it out til the end” and then something about “when the sun shines, we will shine together”. Now I gotta go and listen to it real quick to remember precisely, gosh darn it.

The lyrics speak about a determined type of attitude, perhaps we could call this a hard headed type of attitude or we can call it an attitude of committed. Committed, that is a nice word to think on for a little. One can test their mental attitude by saying words out loud and pausing on them to see where they land with us.



Does this word bring to mind a determination attitude or a feeling of ready to go the “whole hog”?

Does this word bring about a scared of feeling of maybe they want to put me in the looney bin and have me “committed”?

What about,


Pause on it and think what it means to you?

Does this bring about and anger attitude where you wish to see something out to make a point and have your point seen by everybody?

Does represent sports in your life? Does this bring about a feeling of energised to see the full and final results of your efforts and encourage you to make a larger effort?

How about,


Again, obviously energy is in the word so perhaps it carries some motivational purposes to it.

Have you been feeling fatigued and energised is where you wish to be?

It is when we pause on some words and give them a little thought or three that we can believe it or not, we can become what it is we are looking for. All of this and by only using words? Yes, indeed! Imagine that by focusing on some words once or twice a day that we could change our entire lives. Something special isn’t it?

So what words do you use on a daily basis to allow your mind to come around to a motivated person?

Oh fkcu it anyway

Need my coffee

Monday again

Always traffic

Rain again

What if you replaced these kinds of words in your day? What if and again I am proposing an idea to consider, not saying by any means that you must do this to change your life. What I am saying is, when you give these kinds of exercises a go that there are massive benefits to be achieved.

Look at the word choices to begin using on a daily basis, let’s say that we give some time and consideration everyday to these kinds of words in whatever context makes sense to you.

Focussed – Determination – Energised – Committed – Benefits – Achieve.

Add these words into your morning everyday for two to three weeks. Keeping in mind that it only takes a willingness to be open and ready to give it a hearty go. It does not takes tens of thousand of your hard earned cash to become motivated and ready to tackle the day. All we need to do is focus on a few words.

 Right now I am determined to get the fire lighting and enjoy some warmth on one of the first chilly nights of the year.

Please do comment below of some words that you use to inspire your day.

Other people around the world want to know how you do it and keep on doing it.

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2 comments on “Determination – Long word, amazing results!”

  1. Words are powerful. I like the exercise you gave us here and I couldn’t agree more with you. When we stop to think about the words we use, we might be surprised. And when we decide to replace them with ‘better’ ones… it’s awesome to see the results. Thank you for sharing!


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