Monday October 10th – Book BiRtHdAy

10/10/2022 World metal health day. Wow, here we are, the most important day for YOU in the entire world. Imagine a whole day to celebrate. Enjoy

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Monday October 10th – Book BiRtHdAy

World mental health day 10/10

In honour of, in recognition of and to celebrate World Mental Health Day it is nice to share my very own mental health manual. Recipe booklet for a simple strategy to succeeding in your life.

The picture above and the link below will bring you on a journey, subtitled on the very front cover “A Journey to SELF”

Why does Layman’s Handbook in life book birthday and world mental health day fall on the same day? Because they are related. They make sense together and they are a good match.

A good read if you suffer with mental health issues, if you do not suffer with mental health issues. A simple book that also claims right there on the front cover “Simple tools to change how we live”.

The only requirement with Layman’s Handbook is that you have a little willingness inside of you to give it a go.

When it is time in your life to want to bring about nice tiny subtle changes to your world, your life then Layman’s Handbook is for you.

Bringing strategies to mind to create peace in your life. Discussing scenarios where we can begin to dabble in understanding our selves and others.

The full and proper title is a mouthful, why so? Cause there is so much to say on the subject and the topics inside the covers. Here we go,


Layman’s Handbook, in LIFE

Simple tools to change how we live.

A Journey to SELF

Succeed – Elevate – Live – Free (SELF)


What Journey would you like to take? Is there an understanding by you that the best single investment you will ever make in your life is the INVESTMENT in yourself? Did you know that the only JOURNEY that is difficult and hard in life is the one that you never take?

And so Layman’s Handbook, in life by Aidan Mc Nally shares a book birthday with World Mental Health day.

Yes these things are not coincidence and are all by design, (Not really, I planned the book launch in the middle of the summer and October 10th was my perfect day for it, we just landed together on Word Mental Health Day.

Self Help, Self Love, Self Care

Maybe these mean nothing to you, I can never be sure.

So here are few hash tags that I use often to promote the book and worth it on a day like October 10th

#Self-help #Self-love #Self-care #Mentalhealth #Mensmentalhealth #Lifehacks

Just a few examples.

Today marks a special blog today to mark the book birthday as mentioned 25 times above. Ha ha. So go ahead and share this post today. I ask you to share it so I can sell 1 million books today.

I ask you to share this post because any person you might know in your friends list that may or may not struggle with some mental health issues can find it. It is your shares of this post today that help increase the chances of those who struggle in silence have a chance to click a link and begin  a Journey with Layman’s Handbook Imagine winning a first place prize for the category of Body, Mind, Spirit, these things do happen.

Yes on World Mental Health day this year October 10th 2022. How about we give a moment or two to consider others who may be at home or on their phone looking at your post & content today. They are watching your every post and afraid to like share and comment because their own mental health is not always in the best of shape. We never really consider others too much in our browsing and sharing and liking of posts, do we now? World Mental Health day is the perfect day to share a book post like this one and offer something by way of a little handbook for those who could really use a boost, a helping hand.

Various links scattered throughout the post. Click one and have a read.

Well done to you today for reading this post and being here today.

I support your efforts and your life today and everyday.

SHARE ~~ LIKE ~~ COMMENT for others on 10/10/2022


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