April showers brings May flowers ~ For YOU

April showers brings May flowers for you. Yup, YOU.
Life is nice like that. There is something around the corner that can make you smile.

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Another one of those great sayings to live by. Right?
How can we live our life by this kind of thing? It makes no sense.

Here we are in April already, like month 6 million and 3 of the corona virus saga. How have we all survived so far and for so long with a deadly virus sweeping across our world?
Some of us have found new professions, new life during the pandemic. Some of us have lost a loved one to the deadly virus. Some of us have sat indoors for so long we may have lost some social skills and for this a whole new learning curve awaits.

The April showers are commonplace this time of year and there is no doubt in my mind that April in Ireland, we will have our fair share. Now that I think of it, Ireland has a fair share of rain all of the time. The month does not usually matter. I suppose back in the day when we had a, four steady seasons of weather type system, things followed a more usual pattern.

We have started April with some great sunny days and calm weather and as Easter comes to an end this year we have a forecast that is speaking of snow. How usual and ordinary is that for April? Sums up quite a lot or how 2021 has been going. Lockdown end in sight ~ 5 more weeks of lockdown. Virus cases and daily figures going down and manageable to spiking and panic. Vaccines available but slow roll out to no vaccines available and then no trust in the vaccine medicine so the roll out has to be halted to more recently vaccines being brought home and also a roll out of “given to cronies”. Our weather pattern is about as predictable as our adminstration, that being “all over the shop”.

April showers will bring May flowers.
Our weather will continue to do what nature always does ~ survive and thrive.
Through the thunderstorms and the rains, new life is beginning. Spring is well and truly under way and new life is blooming all around us. We have had the great fortunate time of being in slowdown and pause mode because of lockdowns that I wonder have you taken the time to enjoy spring? Like get out for a walk and notice the new buds on tree branches or the little flowers popping up among the grasses?

The storms of winter are subsiding and the corona virus nightmare seems to be slowing. What can we hope for of the month ahead?

May flowers, this is what we can rely on nature to provide us. Through the rains of April will spring even more life, new flowers for us to admire. Bringing colour to our lives. Our surroundings are about to get brighter and more pleasing to look at. We do not even need to do anything to make these changes happen. Nature is going to provide us with it all. How nice?

To live by a saying or apply it to our lives though, is this really possible?
Metaphorically speaking, I myself have been struck by lightning twice, battled through a few storms of my own as a result and have still found that the beaury in spring is amazing. I have hibernated through winters and grew very tired of grey skys and harsh weather and many times quite quickly too.
The beauty in nature has often been the remedy to ground myself and begin again with the new cycle of life that surrounded me.
There is a great idea indeed, BEGIN AGAIN!

Nature is a great place to look to for some sort of direction, encouragement even. Nature will keep on repeating the cycle and does not just give up. No matter the soaking you get from the rains and the “showers of April” you will still bloom and blossom following on from the harsh or hardships. How do I know this? I have lived it.

Yeah sure, you may think. And this all sounds cliché. You would be 100 percent correct in thinking so. I am merely a cliché of clichés.
(right here is the laugh out loud bit)

What I can testify to is that when I have had some of my most harsh times and even though the battering of the winter storms seemed like they would never end. A spring like feel has come about before for me in my life where I thought I could lift my head up and breathe and then came the April showers. Another downpour of misfortune or basically, hard times. What I can testify to and tell you about is that just as the seasons in nature continues in their cycle, so goes our life. I have enjoyed the colour and beauty of life, I still do. Did I ever think I may find a happy smile again? To be honest, not really. Though it came at me, I had nothing to do with it. I sat back and listened to nature. I took some time to pause and listen to my own heartbeat. I have allowed myself the time to look and see what is happening around me. I was lost in life, I felt like I had lost at life and I had an all round tiredness. Sadness is the simplest way to explain it.
However by taking little moments here and there through each day, I slowly found that by giving my mind and my emotions a chance, yes yes, new flowers began to bloom. No, not at all, I am more of an old fart that a new spring flower or perhaps more laughable I am some millions miles off of being a meadow filled with May flowers. The comparable is that I have found new life inside of myself. New ideas bursting everywhere, a new appetite for life.

I am a firm believer in sharing my own story with all of you for 2 simple reasons.
1. My own heart ache and experiences are often quite heavy for me to carry inside of myself and they must be shared. It helps me to gain clarity by writing.
2. I wish to offer a supportive concept or idea to any person who may be about to give up. I want you to know that no matter where you find yourself in life there is always hope and a new chance right around the corner. I am living proof of this.

For the two reasons above I write my blog posts. I write to occupy my own time and bring out my own feelings. I always hope to reach somebody who needs to hear a pick me up or gain a boost from someone like me who knows exactly what it is like to be so far down that it seems like their is no way back.

April showers, the soaking and pelting we receive in life.
Brings May flowers, there is beauty right around the corner. So much to look forward to and some great adventures and lessons and joy.

Nature can teach us, nature can show us and all we have to do is allow it to do so. We need do nothing but slow our mind down and pay attention.

So are ya going to use corona virus lockdown and let nothing go to waste?
Get out and enjoy nature this April and begin to enjoy life.


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