The New project ~ kickstater campaign

The new project is now live. Click in to find out all about it.
Share as far and wide as you can.
Did I mention share. Copy the link and make a post, send your friends an email or text with the link. 👍🏼😊🤗😉

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Time to get involved folks.

This campaign is solely dependent on shares of the campaign across all your social media accounts and by emailing your friends the link to the project.

What is kickstarter?

The beauty of this platform is that all early backing is a pledge. When the goal is reached, then succesful pledges will be charged. It is known as ‘All or nothing’ funding.

In order for a project to be considered succesful, the goal must be met. No charges or money is collected until the goal has been met. To pledge a backing is to show support. You will not be charged until the day the project reaches and crosses the goal target.

The required action in the early days is to dive right in and share on your platforms. Share in emails to your friends too. These are the thakful pieces and ways you can join in right now. There are also tiered rewards for backers to get for their support. All are listed inside of the project page.

Go ahead and get busy with the project and all the sharing everywhere you can think of. It can be shared everyday too 😊

Here is the live link. Click the title to go direct


TWO sons TOO many Movie


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