So what is this “Clubhouse” stuff?

Have you checked out Clubhouse yet? Here is some of the stuff to explain.

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Clubhouse, the ‘new’ social media app. A place where you chat with real people from all over the world in real time. The simplest explainer ~ it’s like a podcast where you can join in on the conversation.

So it is an app, a pretty cool app if you ask me. The difference to the social media you have become accustomed to, clubhouse is about interacting with people from all over the world, connecting with people who are like minded. The topics and the rooms available stretch beyond those that we can imagine. A few examples,

I have seen some daily meditation rooms,

Discussion groups like Our mindset room, where a positive tone is maintained to bring about success in your life. People are sharing tips and tricks of their businesses to show how using their mind and remaining focused has helped them achieve great success in business.

There are rooms for discussion on news topics as they are breaking.

There are rooms to discuss art, books, video, film and film making.

Rooms to discuss investing strategies and discover introductions to the crypto currency markets.

There are rooms that are supportive to both men and women with focus on taking a serious look at mental health. Support groups and informative groups around these subjects.

There are rooms that will discuss your fav TV show. Your fav artist and a whole bunch of whatever you can imagine.

Seriously though, the amount of different topics available is amazing. It works like this. After you set up your account with your bio (be sure to add your social media links to bio). You then enter and can scroll through the “hallway” looking at all the rooms available. There are different clubs where the club could be holding a room on a different topic each day for example. Becoming a member of a club will let you get notified when the club opens a new room on a new topic. As you browse the hallways you can find topics that are totally of intetest to you. Then when you enter into a room you will be sitting in the audience, a little white glove hand will be at the bottom right of your screen and you can press it which will let a room moderator know that you wish to join the “stage” and share your own thoughts on the subject. You will have a microphone icon where the little hand was, once on stage it is that you keep it in mute until called upon to speak. Some moderstors in some of the rooms will ask you to flash your microphone to let them know when you wish to chime in on the conversation. Some rooms will use the flashing of the microphone as a way to clap and show encouragement to a speaker. Basically when on stage, keep your mic muted as it can create an echo back to the person speaking and make a little disruption to the whole room.

For business, there are real people holding “pitch events” within their clubs and you could stumble across one of these in the hallway and find that it is exactly what you have been looking for. A chance to pitch your product or your services to real people and real investors. There are opportunities for all kinds of new exposure that you may not have been finding on the social media apps who have been all about driving traffic through pictures and text. Clubhouse is offering you a whole new social media experience through audio and connecting in real-time time with real people.

The rooms and clubs are plenty, the chances and opportunities to meet, dicuss, sell, invest, chat, educate are all available and the app lets you still use your phone for browsing the internet and using your other social media apps while still in a room and listening to the room you are in. Yes a phonecall will interrupt your room experience though you can come right back to a room when you are done with your call.

There is “back channel” messaging available where you can message someone directly which is another cool feature. Why so? You might find yourself sitting in a room with an a~list celebrity or a business tycoon in an investors room and you now have a platform to reach out and say hi or introduce yourself or your products. You can also find new friends who are people from all over the world with similar interests as you. People who we may never have had a chance to find and meet, until now.

There is business being done daily, friendships being born all the time. There are even clubs where you join in and learn languages.

So to sum it up, check out the Clubhouse app and see what ya think. Probably is the next app you have been waiting to find. I even created a club around one of my books. Think about it. And be sure to become a member of Layman’s Handbook club on clubhouse 😊

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