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Quick (short) piece 😂 ~ advert

As many reasons there are to write, there are to read.

Enjoy your weekend vibes
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People & Politics during corona virus.

Corona Virus, political disappointments. We all have our favourite politicians, well actually there are some of us that are just annoyed by them all. Do you have a special political person that you actually enjoy when they speak, thoroughly believe they value what they say themselves and that they believe in their passions? Do they

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Where are ya going on your holidays this year?

Where are ya going on your holidays this year? Holidays from the virus, more than likely. It is a fair thing to consider though. Will you do a little holiday somewhere local to you? Will you share and try and help your local community rebuild “post corona”? It almost seems at the moment that just

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10 simple steps to breathe, just B ~ R ~ E ~ A ~ T ~ H ~ E

10 simple steps to breathe, just B ~ R ~ E ~ A ~ T ~ H ~ E The universe is letting us all know the importance of our breathing. Have you ever seen such a time before? People are struggling to breathe due to a pandemic of the corona virus. Is it teaching

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