Where are ya going on your holidays this year?


Where are ya going on your holidays this year?

Holidays from the virus, more than likely.
It is a fair thing to consider though. Will you do a little holiday somewhere local to you?
Will you share and try and help your local community rebuild “post corona”?

It almost seems at the moment that just going out to a local restaurant could carry the magic of a holiday. At this stage in lock down, can we ever dream to have a nice weekend away somewhere?
Something nice, a Friday arrive and do the two nights with bed, breakfast and an evening meal all included?
Sounds like a little bit of heaven right now doesn’t it?
Throw in a spa treatment for the Saturday afternoon relaxation, oh boy oh boy, now we are talking some serious day dreaming alright.


Here in Ireland most recently, we have been enjoying the most beautiful weather pattern. All through the lock down we have been having sunny skies, onshore breezes and temperatures ranging from 12 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees. This is not our typical weather here in Ireland though. We normally receive a lot more rainfall and colder, more windy weather usually.
Has the slowdown of the world brought about a nicer weather pattern for us? who really knows. The struggling issue during the lock down is that; the restrictions upon the communities, that we are not be able to go out and enjoy these beautiful weather days.


The thoughts of holidays though, this is a real beauty that we can get lost in, just to allow our imagination run away from us. Will you go somewhere you have never been before?
Will you just be so happy to be out and about doing stuff and not care where exactly you go on holiday, just as long as you go somewhere?

There is no doubt in my own mind that the feeling of checking in and upon reaching your room for the evening, the feeling of falling onto the bed when you get to your room is a great feeling.
Here I must admit, I have been fortunate enough to live my entire life as a holiday in one form or another. Definitely into my adult years for sure. I can debate however, that it has been all well deserved though.

I have never minded a layover in an airport as I have always been happy to sit back and people watch. Even though airports always tend to be a little bit more expensive, I never worried about having an hour or two extra inside of an airport, where I could take a meal and just relax, watching the world scurry past.
I definitely had a few times where I was running to catch flights too, please don’t get me wrong & I missed a few here and there along the way too.
I guess having family and friends in Ireland and living and working in the US & central America probably brought about a majority of my travel though.

I have always liked the feeling attached to checking in at the airport and knowing I was embarking on a trip somewhere. Nice feeling, when you clear the security lines and you just are waiting around for the departure gate to be announced. There is a little buzz attached when you find yourself flying to a holiday destination with a bunch of other holiday makers. Everyone in the waiting area of the departures lounge is all on the same exciting type of feel good buzz.
Post Covid19 I do believe, we will all get back to traveling and enjoying our holidays again.
We will be able to feel the beauty in landing our head on the hotel room pillows, once again.
We will take to the skies again and we will all have many travels left on our bucket lists. Don’t worry, we will get there.


We may have to wait a little while longer to get back to it all though. For now we can think and maybe even plan where we might go next?
Maybe it will be a good idea to focus on helping our economy by venturing not too far away at first. A local restaurant could really use the business and a few of our closer to home hotels will definitely need a little lift when all this passes over.
It is nice to have little daydreams during these times too.
I will be totally honest and also admit, I would give a lot right now for a relaxing massage and mud bath. How far will I have to fly for this, when lock down ends?


Some more of my travels and adventures are covered in detail inside of my memoir TWO cropped-13782021_1778357509076847_4405419101410390510_n.jpgsons TOO many. You can find links to this around the internet or on my website. The link is in the picture, just click on the book picture.

I also have detailed out many of my relaxation remedies in my most recent book, IMG_20191012_124555 Layman’s Handbook, this is also a nonfiction book which you can find in paperback and e~book too. Again simply click on the book picture for the link.

Enjoy the lock down and there is nothing wrong with a little day dream here and there, to help keep the mind content.

Aidan Mc Nally

IMG_20190215_014356  @TWOsonsTOOmany

2 comments on “Where are ya going on your holidays this year?”

  1. Airports are one of my favourite places to be – when you’re all checked in and relaxing 🙂 I hope the skies will stay as clear as they are, fewer flights, cars and transport has done wonders for the air quality here in London!

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