People & Politics during corona virus.

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Corona Virus, political disappointments.

1157-130We all have our favourite politicians, well actually there are some of us that are just annoyed by them all.
Do you have a special political person that you actually enjoy when they speak, thoroughly believe they value what they say themselves and that they believe in their passions?
Do they even have passion themselves?
Who would you like to see in your country’s political office?Like for real tho?
The corona virus and the pandemic has given us all a little bit more exposure to our politicians and their daily updates and “briefing” on updating us of the horrific numbers of new cases, deaths and nothing much else new really.

Sure any clown can go on the internet and read about the numbers of cases.
Our politicians are “supposed” to come out and tell us of how or what the plan is to bring this thing to an end.


America for example.
I really would have expected a little more humility in the chief to address the people of the nation. I definitely would have thought that blatantly discussing the current number of deaths as collateral damage, “we are not doing so bad with only 40 k dead” “we are below the total that could have died. We are doing good”.
The people who have died from this corona virus deserve a tiny little bit more respect than this.

The stock market fluctuation is of little concern to a nation of worried people trying to stay at home and wait to get the all clear. People do not want to die, the stocks and shares mean nothing when dead.

The center for disease control has warned that they feel that the corona virus could be much worse in the autumn as it would bring about a 2nd wave of infections right at the same time when it is flu season. This could then in turn bring about the horrible situation of having all the infrastructure of the hospitals and medical staff get hit with a double burden upon resources.

Americans need to stay at home and the protests and people who are definitely NOT observing social distancing could probably do with some sort of severe penalty. Freedom is one thing, playing with peoples lives is a completely different issue.
The locals of one parish or county or another are not playing with just their own lives. All who act irresponsibly at this moment in time in the world are responsible in part for every other human on the planet.
Citizens of the untied states acting selfishly are doing so at the peril of the entire world.
The entire world is having lock downs and shut downs in a combined effort to rid their respective countries of the virus. Should the united states continue their irresponsible behaviors in respect to the virus, we the remainder of the world perhaps should get the law suit ready for flu season.


Allow me to move back to the far side of the Atlantic ocean and take a look at the Irish effort during the pandemic.
Ireland is a tiny country by comparison to any other on the world stage.
So small that being an island, one would imagine that remaining disease free, “shoulda, coulda, woulda” remain free from being infected by the corona virus.
Being an island gave the country a great head start on the virus. The news out of China was coming through the media outlets in and around the end of January 2020.

* Did the island nation take the initiative?

* Did the island nation brace themselves and
create quarantine measure to use the
position as being an island as the greatest
barrier to create immunity?

* Did the political body take matters serious
and secure the people?

The answers to the above are obviously, NO.
Not only did the political body not take the necessary action, they sat around and waited. They waited and the airports were never so busy in Ireland at the time of rapid spread through Europe. Cheltenham horse racing was an event in England that saw a massive movement of people from Ireland to England and then back again. The crowds at the sporting event up to 100 k people per day over a five day event.

The panic and confusion did not stop at not only the lack of serious response to protecting the island from the oncoming pandemic. The planes continued even into and during a lock down status, where immigrant farm workers were transported from a foreign country and rushed through the airport to come and pick seasonal fruit. No quarantine or testing.
The panic of how the country would financially survive brought about further disarray to the nation of Ireland.


The United Kingdom again another island nation who were very complacent about the disease and the oncoming pandemic. The senior being the prime minister. He even caught the virus and had to be carted off to hospital for ventilating and special care. The English took such a complacent attitude to the virus that not only were given enough time by the rest of the world and ignored it. The prime minister and the royal family got infected with the virus. How many figure heads do they need to identify a serious threat or issue from the virus?

The main man from the SKY Q box was even all over the internet in the early days warning people of the virus.
How much notification does a nation actually need?
Slow to shut down, slow to take social distancing serious and the proof is in the eating.
The numbers are a disgrace, where again we see horrific numbers of dead people on a daily basis.
Although the numbers are not accurate to be followed “they say” as just like in Ireland the actual numbers are a little distorted. The death rates and case confirmed are numbers that are all being confused. This only means that the fantastic jingle that was being used in the beginning becomes null and void “flattening the curve”.
The curve is merely man made.


France, Italy, Spain.
Spain ignored the lock down orders from the government as a way to be “trendy” & protest. The result has been a rapid rise in cases and resulting in unfortunately a terribly high number of deaths in their country.

Italy, again ignoring the requests of the government and carrying on their daily lives with an attitude of “it is only a flu, we are used to this at this time of year” especially in the northern regions of the country. Again and unfortunately and absolutely horrible high number of deaths.

France, here again a country in mainland Europe where the general public do not follow any orders of their government as a way of life.
The result of this can been seen by the high death rate from the virus.


I am in no way suggesting we listen to the government in every aspect of life or any “rules ” they wish to dictate to the public. There are times though that the money being spent on medical advisors and the direct lines that a government office has with other countries officials mean that they inform us of guidelines during such a pandemic because they are all drawing and learning from what is going on in other regions of the world. For this reason we look to the politicians to advise us correctly & to guide us on the most learned information currently available.

It is saddening and a little disturbing that political bodies the world over cannot get it right on the issue of COVID 19.


During this time, it is important to safe guard yourself as much as you can. It is important that you take from your political advisors only a snippet from all available broadcasts and form your own opinion.
What is highly important is that you make a mental note of how your politicians have handled this pandemic. You keep the mental note with you and when it is the right time you exercise that opinion by the way in which you will vote.
Your voting voice is your voice in this dog fight.
When the time comes, you must express your satisfaction or disappointment in your elected political figures.
Many of us will find faults to the nth degree. It is important to make a mental note of the pieces that you have been most satisfied with also.


I have written a book about taking a journey to self. A guide book on finding some levels of calm within our own minds and body’s.
I had no idea that such lock down situations were going to arise.
Being that many of us had been so busy in life that we never found the time for SELF.1157-130
Now that the time has arisen where it is possible to have a little more time to yourself due to the shut down of the pandemic.
Using this time to bring about a little inner peace is a very valuable investment we can make in ourselves.
Clarity can help you see through any political lies or “spin”.
Clarity can bring about a great contentment in your life.

Layman’s Handbook, in life.
“simple tools to change how we live”
A Journey To SELF.

I know you will enjoy the reading.

IMG_20190215_014356 @TWOsonsTOOmany

Aidan Mc Nally

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