Layman’s Handbook in life ~There’s a chapter for that 😊

When we need a little reading to help declutter and get the mind back on track.

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My finest writing project to date. Yup, I said it. As an Irish man I have a full understanding of all of our Irish sayings. The one that comes to mind ~ “self praise is no praise”.
I can only convey to you the sentiments that have been expressed directly to myself by others.
Although I do believe in the importance of self in every aspect of our lives. I also encourage you to take a more simple look at self and to get serious when it comes to praising self.

Layman’s Handbook is a book that is clearly subtitled “A journey to self”, self then being used to spell out Succeed, Elevate, Live, Free.

Should you find yourself in a position of wishing to SUCCEED, then this is the book for you.

Perhaps you have lost sight of how to lift yourself up in life, then allow Layman’s Handbook guide you on a path to ELEVATE your life to your next level.

There are times in all of our lives that we may be plodding along at a mundain pace, we may have fogotten what it is to actually be alive and living. Layman’s Handbook has a chapter for that too, encouraging you to LIVE to your fullest potential.

We humans have some very sneaky methods built in to ourselves to help keep ourselves down. We imprison ourselves in our thoughts and our feelings. Layman’s Handbook is your guide to freeing up your mind. Bringing you on a journey to really reach higher and go further to bring about a feeling of FREE like an eagle high above the clouds.

Yup, Layman’s Handbook in life has the tools, “simple tools to change how we live”.

You can find Layman’s Handbook on amazon in all the different countries and it is available for kindle download or paperback order.
My finest work to date and has been recognised with a book excellence award too. How chuffed was I to receive the winner notification and the fancy sticker for the front cover of Winner, book excellence award winner.

Though this did not come as any shock to me, why? Because all the tools and formulas for success are right within the covers of Layman’s Handbook.
I am that confident that I can only urge you to find out for yourself.
Get your copy today

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