Autumn, Spring, Summer — Winter tho?????

Seasons of our lives, how quick they can change. Wanna take control?

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The seasons of the year, our calendar year. What about the seasons of our lives? Does my grey/gray hair qualify me for my autumn time?

I prefer my youth as many of us can attest to although the seasons of our lives are not merely moving from youth to elderly and we do not only enjoy our spring and summer in our younger days. The real, as I have experienced it, is that we are ever evolving and changing and moving between our happier peaceful times and through some turbulence from time to time.
When changes are occurring in our week to week, many of us may feel that we are in winter and the storms are beating us up. Though through these moments of turbulence we appear out the other side in our spring time. Like my use of the word turbulence, turbulence we can experience on an airplane ride. Quite often as we are jetting off on holidays and to enjoy our summer, or some other countries summer perhaps? Point being the turbulence is usually a few scary bumps en-route to a much nicer destination and we emerge into a sprinkling of our very own spring or summer.

I am certain of very little about our seasons and I say this very much on purpose. My on purpose is to zone in on, focus upon the little that I am certain of.
We are always going through something. We humans have some weird ass journey going on all of the time and that many of us will experience peace and happy times. We shall also experience times when we shed a tear or three and then of course have many days where we lay around confused.
Though just like the seasons of the year our lives can experience many stages and they may repeat a few times, the good ones and the more severe ones. The ever changing nature of our lives is what I am certain of owing to my own experience. The experiences in life that we gain as we change from spring to winter and back again are quite valuable to us and we perhaps ought to be taking a clearer mental note to ourselves as we travel along the journey of life.

People, they will let us down. It happens and is a natural occurrence. Do not fret, every individual has their own seasons changing too and they might not clash or coincide with your own. No human lets you down on super purpose, they maybe have their own “stuff” going on and had little time to concentrate on taking care of your needs too. Humans are of good nature for the most part.

Timing can be off and we “fail” miss the target so to speak with projects, assignments and the likes. Again that does not represent our worst storm ever in the thick of our winter. Our timing was a little off, that is all. So we like to be prepared and ready for everything and it sucks to miss. Do you wrap up in hat and scarf and carry an umbrella during the summer? Of course not and so, we get a soaking in the summer rain. It happens!

Our thoughts and expectations can be misleading us at times. It happens and we can be preparing for the winter months ahead and be stressed out about the colder months to come. Naturally we like to be prepared. Is preparing to the point of stressing worth it though?
How about we lower our expectations and allow life to happen as it will. Do you ever consider that it is possible to be in summer all of the time? That there is a possibility that our attitude can bring us to a happy place even when the storms are battering us. We can let go of expectations of “how it will be” of “how another will be” and we can find enjoyment and happiness in the place of “I am me”.

A lot of the above comes down to our feelings, how and what we do with them. In recent times I have felt deflated somewhat and a little lost. Lost in my direction and experiencing some deeper feelings. Be they sad, bad, mad or glad. They are merely feelings and will pass on just like our seasons. Just like how we do not run to our wardrobe and discard all of our t-shirts and shorts and sandals because the winter is fast approaching. No, we keep ’em because we know the sun will shine again. Our feelings and our thoughts can change through the gears on a daily basis (our seasons).

The vast experiences of my own life do bring me to some small tiny parts that I am certain of.
I am certain that whatever season you are experiencing right now in your life will CHANGE for the better for you. I am certain that ups and downs will occur. What we do about these times and how we approach and how we think about things are all within our control. Again I am certain of these.


I have the power to change my mind.

I have the power to change how I think about this.

I have total control over how I choose to be, right now.

The flowers of our springtime can bloom and blossom at any time in our lives when we decide we want them to. Life will throw a whole bunch of situations and scenarios at us and quite often when we least expect it and so, what was all the stress and preparation about? God knows my own life has had all the pieces thrown high in the air a few times and I would have been seen running around in circles making attempts to catch them all as they came down. Now I simply practice aligning myself.

Aligning my own feelings with my thoughts. I see the beauty in enjoying a very hot chocolate beverage during a super cold winter’s evening. I too love to feel the sun on my face and by the same token have always loved the itchy face feeling of almost frost bite in winter.
Aligning how I think and how I feel has led me to see the beauty in some of the small things and not stress the storms and the cold. Reminding myself that this journey of my life is ever changing from season to season helps me regain focus. Focus on how it is me that matters most and first in my journey. When we forget this and offer too much to others, we may find that we veer off our own rails a little. The alignment I mention comes about for me through simple breath work. The simple process of focusing on how I breathe.
Take two minutes per day to allow a pause and for you to breathe in the beauty of life and exhale the nasty and all that is poisonous. Two minutes per day all for yourself. That makes up to close to 1 hour per month for you to allow yourself to simply “BE”. Twelve hours for an entire year that you are willing to give yourself a chance, an opportunity to be you and pause.
Try it, give it a go and see what new beauty you will find in winter this year.

Not convinced?
I can only suggest to you to give it a go. I am certain that it works if that helps convince you. The real proof is in the pudding, meaning you gotta give it a go to see how it works.
If this will help persuade you maybe?
I am certain I have walked through the fiery hurricanes in hell, I am certain I have been soaked to my core in the torrential rains, I am certain I have seen the full force of nature both in her beauty and her most horrendous, I am certain I have experienced paradise and love, I am certain I have enjoyed the beauty and peace of an autumn sunset where all stood calm and silent.
And for these reasons I encourage you to bring about peace in your life. So give it a go and enjoy the little trick I have learned.

Should you wish to enjoy more and more of the same once you get a taste, then seek out “Layman’s Handbook in life” by Aidan Mc Nally

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