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Friday Feeling ~ Callous.

Friday Feeling ~ Callous There is no point to me pretending, this whole corona virus stuff. It is unavoidable to bring up a few thoughts here and there. We began back in late January, early February with alerts and hearing about this deadly disease type thing that was wiping out Chinese people like there was

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Wednesday Wisdom ~ National Pride

Wednesday Wisdom ~ National Pride We all have some sort of patriotism inside of us. Such national pride can be something we feel at it’s best at times when we are involved in a group activity of sorts. A celebration of our national holidays among friends. We may have a bar~b~q with friends and within

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Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theory & covid-19 With all the time to think and as I have found over several years, asking people to think for themselves is quite a stretch.If even the imagination.   With lock down status hitting many countries and a massive push to encourage people to self isolate, one would imagine there is a

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